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All About Zone Systems

home-zone-diagramDo you keep having arguments over the temperature in your home? Maybe those who have bedrooms upstairs are always scorching hot while those who are downstairs are shivering because it’s so cold. It’s not realistic to think that you’re always going to agree on the thermostat temperature at home, but if you’re having significant temperature disparities then it might be time to consider something else.

This is where a zone system can come in. If you’re considering upgrading to a different type of system this winter, this would be the one to help you really get a grasp on your home comfort. We know that it’s not always easy to find the right zone system in San Antonio, TX, but you can get the service you need here from our experts. We specialize in this type of work.

Are You a Good Candidate for a Zone System?

Let’s start from the beginning—are you even a good candidate for a zone system? Here are a few signs that you are:

  • You have significant temperature disparities
  • You have bad windows, picture windows, or just large glass windows throughout your home
  • You have high ceilings
  • You have large rooms
  • You have certain rooms that you rarely use throughout your home
  • You live in a multi-story home
  • You have landscaping outside that casts shadows on your home

If any of the following qualities applies to your home, then this means that a zone control system could be great for you. Make sure that you note these problems and relay them to our experts so we can plan your zone control system to perfection.

How Does a Zone Control System Work?

Now let’s get into the details of a zone control system. A zone control system is pretty straightforward. It starts when an expert identifies how to split your home into the most advantageous zones. Each “zone” of your home is then heated or cooled separately from the rest. A thermostat is placed in each individual zone and they all connect to a central panel in your house and dampers are placed throughout your HVAC system. The dampers open and close depending on where you’re trying to heat your home. This type of set up allows you to heat and cool your home zone by zone and all at once.

Getting the Zone System that You Need

All zone control systems are a little different depending on the home. For example—do you know how many zones you need to have in your home for optimal temperature control? We can be the ones to help you determine what’s best for you depending on the layout of your home.

Come to us when you want a great zone control system. One of these setups can help you save more, get extra control and comfort over your heating and cooling, and improve your air quality. You need to have a professional work on your zone system to have it reach its full potential.

Contact us when you want great service for a zone control system. Serving San Antonio for over 25 years.

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