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It’s Never Too Early to Schedule Heating Maintenance

Our winters may be short, and recent temperatures may make it seem silly to already be thinking about the upcoming season, however now is the best time to start thinking about scheduling your heating system maintenance appointment—before you’ll need your heater on a daily basis.

What Are the Benefits of Early Heating Maintenance?

Regular preventive heating maintenance is advantageous to homeowners for a number of reasons. With winter really only a couple short months off, it’s time to start thinking about how you’ll keep warm and cozy during these chillier months, and if your heater will truly be up to its job.

When winter does hit, naturally our HVAC technicians will be very busy with emergency service calls and other heating system service needs as well. Contacting us now means that you don’t have to compete for attention, and you can get your tune-up scheduled and completed ASAP, before you need your heater at all.

During your heating system maintenance appointment, our professionals will fully inspect and clean your system, making any necessary adjustments along the way. During this, we’ll inform you of any repair needs that need addressing. Taking care of these repairs now instead of waiting until later will benefit you in the same way as scheduling early maintenance—you won’t have to worry about techs being too busy.

You don’t want to take a chance with your heater. If you do choose to wait to have maintenance done, make sure that it’s within a year of installation or within a year of your last maintenance appointment. But to ensure that necessary repairs can be completed prior to the heating season, or find out if you may actually be better off with a heating system replacement, long before you need it by scheduling your maintenance appointment today.

To learn more about our preventative heating maintenance agreement in San Antonio, TX and to make an appointment, contact Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating today!

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