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AC Sizing: Avoid This Mistake during Installation

Monday, July 4th, 2016

It’s only natural that when you go to purchase a new air conditioning system for your home, you’re going to go for the biggest and the best, while of course staying within your budget. However, while this works for many appliances, it’s not the right way to go about choosing an air conditioner. In fact, if an AC unit is too large for your home you can experience multiple problems.

When a professional HVAC technician installs an AC system, they look at many factors. They’ll look at the correct “British Thermal Units” (BTUs), which is a measurement of the cooling capacity of an air conditioner. They’ll also look at many other factors though, including the square footage of your home and how many windows and doors the house has.

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Is It too Late in the Season for New Air Conditioning Installation?

Tuesday, August 5th, 2014

Spring and fall are usually the best times of year to replace an air conditioner, but if yours is in constant need of repair, not cooling adequately, or is very inefficient, you may need to consider installation now. Summer may not be the ideal time for air conditioning installation in San Antonio, but it’s worse to be without any air conditioning at all. Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating has been installing air conditioners for over 25 years, so we know how to do it correctly, quickly and efficiently.

Not Sure If It’s Time? Consider These Factors

The decision of whether or not to replace your current air conditioner is a big one, but there are some factors to consider that can help you decide:


How old is your current air conditioner? Is it more than 12 years old? If so, you may be losing out on the benefits of a new AC, such as better energy efficiency.


Have you spent a lot on repairs over the last 2 years? Is there a continued need for repairs, or are they getting more costly? At some point, if there are enough repairs or very costly ones, you may have already spent an amount close or equal to the cost of a new system.

Comfort Level

Is your current air conditioner cooling adequately, or is it struggling? Are there many hot and cold spots throughout your home? Uneven and inadequate cooling is a common sign of an aging air conditioner.

Energy Efficiency

How high are your monthly energy bills? Do they seem high? Today’s air conditioners are up to 60% more energy efficient than models from just 10 years ago. Are you missing out on big savings by holding on to your old air conditioner?

While there are better times of year than others to replace your existing air conditioning, the bottom line is that any time is a good time if you are losing money and compromising your comfort level.

Call Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating today and schedule an appointment to discuss your air conditioning installation in San Antonio.

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Why Sizing Your New Air Conditioner Is So Important

Friday, May 9th, 2014

Among the preparatory steps for installing a new air conditioning system, one of the most crucial is sizing the system, i.e. finding out how powerful a system is necessary to provide the ideal balance of cooling. Sizing a system requires the work of technicians familiar with performing heat load calculations. This isn’t a task to leave to guesswork, because the consequences of putting in an air conditioner that’s too small or too large are extreme and usually require replacing the system entirely.

When you want to start your air conditioning installation in Fair Oaks, TX right, call the contractor with more than a quarter of a century of experience matching people’s home with the ideal AC: Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating. We are 100% committed to your satisfaction.

The problems of an air conditioner that’s too small

If you end up with an AC too underpowered to provide enough BTUs of cooling for your home, you will end up with inferior comfort. In order for the system to reach its expected level of cooling, it will need to run almost constantly, wasting energy and aging its components rapidly. Even then, it’s unlikely that the air conditioning system will have the power to cool down your entire house, leaving you with warm spots and a general weaker level of cooling.

The problems of an air conditioner that’s too large

Homeowners often make the assumption that an air conditioner cannot be too large. It makes sense that an AC can be too small, but how can a system that’s too powerful create a problem? Can’t you just put it on a lower setting?

However, when an AC is too large for the house it’s supposed to cool, it can cause as much trouble as one that’s undersized. An oversized air conditioner will so rapidly cool down a space that the thermostat will turn off the compressor before it can finish its full cycle. A short time later, it will turn it back on again, then turn it off again, and so on…. This is called “short-cycling,” and it creates an immense waste of energy (activating the compressor requires more electricity than any other operation) and puts inordinate stress on the compressor and the other components, shortening the system’s life.

Professional sizing will find the right air conditioner for you

When you bring in an installation team of licensed and seasoned professionals, they will perform an extensive heat load calculation for your home to determine how it traps and keeps out heat. This will give them an idea of the amount of cooling in BTUs an air conditioner must provide to reach your desired level of comfort.

Our team at Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating will handle your air conditioning installation in Fair Oaks, TX so that you end up with the perfect system to keep you cool for many Texas summers.

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