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Get Your Heater Back In Shape!

Monday, March 29th, 2021

family-holding-green-houseWinter is on its way out. This is actually the best time to get your home’s heater back into fighting shape. We know that clear skies and warm weather are on your mind—they’re on ours too! This doesn’t mean that you should just erase everything heating from your mind. You should always stay ready so that you don’t have to scramble to get prepared later.

Handling any heating problems that popped up at the end of winter is like setting out an outfit, showering, and clearing your mind the night before a big day. It’s always best to remain proactive. If you’re searching for heating repair in Boerne, TX, we’re the team that’s going to help you achieve everything.

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Coughing, Wheezing, and Sneezing? Get an Air Duct Cleaning

Monday, November 26th, 2018

You should pay close attention to your home’s indoor air quality. We often see indoor air quality get disregarded (especially during this fall season) because lots of indoor air quality troubles double as other common problems like fall allergy flare-ups. You shouldn’t ignore these problems, though. Your air ducts accumulate a lost of dust and grime over time because they’re responsible for distributing all the conditioned air throughout your home.

Something as simple as a duct cleaning can improve your HVAC efficiency, home comfort, and personal health. If you need duct cleaning in Boerne, TX then you should contact our team today.

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Common Myths Your HVAC Professional Wants to Bust

Monday, September 3rd, 2018

Myths or Facts concept with business woman hand drawing on blackboardHow often have you hopped on the internet to do a quick search on something that doesn’t sound quite right to you? Whether it’s news or something less important, you probably feel a little sense of pride when you discover you were, in fact, right.

But what about when the internet leads you wrong? We believe the world wide web can be an amazing resource, leading you to online videos that help you do DIY crafts in your home and even very small and minor remodeling projects. It can also, however, lead a homeowner to be a little too confident in how they care for—or rather how they neglect caring for—their HVAC systems.

Keep reading for some common myths, and our rebuttals, in regards to HVAC care.

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AC Troubleshooting: What’s Causing My Low Airflow?

Monday, June 11th, 2018

register hvac ventIt probably goes without saying that your air conditioner is one of those appliances in your home that you rely on, and probably appreciate, the most. This is particularly true during the scorching and long summers we experience. With soaring temperatures and occasional humidity on top of it, we rely very heavily on these systems for a huge chunk of the year. So when you need Boerne, TX air conditioning services, you need them fast—and we’re the team to call!

In the meantime though, we’d like to talk a bit about one of the most common AC repair services we get called for, and that’s reduced airflow. That is—cool air that’s coming out of your vents but is just not as powerful as it should be. This may not seem like a huge issue at first, as long as you’re able to stay relatively cool, but the problem is that it causes your AC system to struggle and thus wear down much faster than normal. In addition, neglecting the problem means that whatever is causing the problem will only get worse. With that being said…

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When Repairs Aren’t Enough: Upgrading Your Heater

Monday, March 5th, 2018

furnace venting outdoorsHeating systems, especially modern furnaces, are designed to last a pretty long time, so long as you properly maintain and service them. But no matter what type of appliance we’re talking about, it won’t last forever—and your heater is no exception.

With spring right around the corner, you might be tempted to hold off Boerne, TX heating repair or replacement needs, but the end of the season is actually the perfect time to consider if replacement is indeed necessary. This gives you time to decide if you should stick with the same type of heater you already have, or perhaps upgrade to a two-in-one heating and cooling system, like a heat pump—we’ll get to your other options below. In the meantime, read on for some signs that it is indeed time to replace your heating system.

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Improve Your HVAC System Efficiency Year-Round

Monday, January 22nd, 2018

wooden ceiling fan on a grey ceilingWhen it comes to providing great Boerne, TX HVAC services, whether it be air conditioning maintenance, heating repair, or something else, we are certainly the team to call. But we aren’t just here to provide service. We want to be able to help you with tips and advice that can save you money throughout the year. One of these tips is—utilize your ceiling fans!

This comes as a surprise to many homeowners, who believe that running their ceiling fans is a waste of electricity and may refrain from doing so to save on their energy bills. But on the contrary, when used in conjunction with your HVAC systems, ceiling fans can save you considerably. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our team. In the meantime, keep reading to learn more about the hidden benefits of ceiling fans.

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Have You Scheduled Professional Heating Maintenance Yet?

Monday, January 8th, 2018

male technician servicing furnaceOur heating systems are not something we give a whole lot of thought too once summer and fall end and we finally start to cool off a bit. But with temperatures already reaching the high 30’s at night, it won’t be long before you’re using your heater on a routine basis, if you aren’t already. And without professional maintenance, you’re at a greater risk of needing heating repair in Boerne, TX.

While we do offer superior heating repairs, including emergency services, we’d like to help you avoid an emergency to begin with, by providing exceptional maintenance services. If you haven’t already scheduled a tune-up for your heating system, now is the ideal time to give us a call and get that on the schedule.

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Hybrid Heating: An Efficient Way to Heat Your Home

Tuesday, November 4th, 2014

As our weather turns cooler, thoughts turn to heating for the coming winter season. Heat pumps are great heating devices, but there can be some concern as to whether or not they are sufficient during very cold weather. If this is a concern of yours, there is a solution: a hybrid heating system in Boerne. A hybrid heating system combines two systems: a heat pump and a gas furnace back-up. This allows you to use a heat pump for heating and cooling, and a gas furnace for when the weather drops below freezing. The installation of a hybrid heating system is complicated, so call the experts you can trust: Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating.

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How Insulation Helps Your Air Conditioning System

Friday, June 13th, 2014

Insulation. When you hear this word, do you automatically think of keeping warm? Most people do. Insulation is the warm coat wrapped around you in winter to protect you from the cold. Insulation is the material around wires to keep them from spreading heat where it can cause damage. Insulation is the fluffy stuff in your attic and walls that make sure your house stays warm during chilly weather.

But insulation is protection from both the cold and the heat. With proper insulation in Boerne, TX, you will help your air conditioner perform a better and more energy-efficient job through a hot summer. We’ll explain how this works and how Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating can help you with your home’s insulation needs. Contact us to set an appointment or to request an estimate.

Insulation and keeping cool in the summer

Here’s what insulation actually does: it prevents or restricts the movement of heat. It is a thermal barrier that works both directions. Heat attempts to move from an area of higher concentration to a cooler region, and insulation blocks this movement. During the winter, the insulation in a house traps the heat inside that comes from the heating system and makes it easier to stay warm—the same way that a coat traps your body heat around you and keeps you from feeling cold.

During the summer, the process works the opposite: the insulation in your home prevents the exterior heat from coming through the walls and unnecessarily raising the temperature. The attic is a place where this is especially important. Because the radiant heat from the sun on the roof will elevate the attic temperatures to extremes (130°F is not uncommon), the attic will turn into a source of warmth that will seep down into a home and raise the temperature by 10°F or more. But thick insulation in the attic floor will keep the attic heat restricted there.

With less heat entering your home, your air conditioning system will need to run less. You’ll have lower electrical bills and less strain placed on the AC. In the long run, the air conditioner will experience fewer repair needs and last longer before needing a replacement.

Here’s how we can help

Our insulation experts at Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating can check your home’s air sealing to find places where weak or absent insulation is permitting in extra heat. We will then find the best method to seal up these leaks so you have an energy-efficient home that’s much easier to keep cool.

You can trust your insulation in Boerne, TX to our work. Using spray foam insulation, blown-in insulation, and radiant barriers in the roof, we can create a create heat seal for your home.

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Why Should I Install a Heat Pump Instead of a Traditional AC?

Friday, May 16th, 2014

Any time a homeowner is faced with replacing an old central air conditioning system, he or she should also consider the possibility of installing a heat pump as a replacement instead of a standard AC. Heat pumps offer a number of great advantages as home comfort systems that make them attractive as substitutes for air conditioners. Although they usually cost more for initial installation than ACs (they are more complicated machines), they will quickly pay back the extra costs.

At Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating, we often recommend that our customers choose heat pump installation in Boerne, TX rather than continue with traditional air conditioning.

Call us today and talk to our cooling specialists to find out if a heat pump is you best option for this summer… as well as the rest of the year.

What makes a heat pump such a good option as an AC replacement?

A heat pump is a two-in-one device. It works as both a heater and an air conditioner. When you choose to install a heat pump to replace an AC, you are also choosing to replace your heater. In one unit, you can have all your comfort needs for the year covered.

You won’t have to worry about a heat pump failing to live up to the standards of your current air conditioning. Heat pumps essentially are air conditioners; they have the same capability to cool a house as a standalone AC of comparable size. The difference is that a heat pump can shift the direction it carries out heat exchange, and instead of removing heat from indoors, it removes heat from outdoors and transports it inside a home. With only one adjustment on the thermostat, you’ll move from effective cooling to effective heating.

You’ll also have energy-saving heating: the switch from a furnace to a heat pump can save you as much as 30% off your winter heating bills. The reason for this energy efficiency is that heat pumps do not create heat by burning fuel; they move heat by using a small amount of electrical power.

The only drawback that heat pumps have is one that makes almost no difference in San Antonio. Because they must absorb heat from the outside air during heating mode, they will struggle in below-freezing temperatures. San Antonio winters rarely drop below the low ‘40s, making heat pumps ideal for our climate.

Heat pump installation in Boerne, TX

If all this has made you excited about installing a heat pump for this summer, give us a call at Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating. Set up an appointment with one of our heat pump specialists to start the process toward year-round comfort.

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