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Does Duct Cleaning Improve Indoor Air Quality? Let’s Find Out

Monday, December 11th, 2023

Central air conditioning became popular about fifty years ago, and with it came the need for that cooled air to be distributed throughout homes. The solution was ductwork. New houses started to be built with systems of ducts, and this became so common that it’s rare to find a home built in the last few decades that doesn’t have ductwork, which is now used for heating as well.

Having your cooled and heated air evenly distributed throughout your home is wonderful! But it does raise some questions. What’s going on inside those ducts, where you can’t see? And since many ducts are above ceilings or between walls, you might not even be able to see them at all. Can unpleasant things accumulate inside ductwork? Does that affect your indoor air quality? Will duct cleaning help? Here’s what to know.

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Your Ducts Should Be Cleaned If…

Monday, April 11th, 2022
person's hand changing out air filter

What do you think about when you’re thinking about the cleanliness of your home or the health of your home? You probably think of the status of your floors, how your walls look, or maybe even the dust throughout your home. All of this is great, but we want you to get to the root of this issue, and everything starts with your home’s ducts. 

We’re the experts when it comes to duct cleaning in San Antonio, TX. This is something that we can handle for you with ease. The main thing we need from you is a call to schedule the appointment. We understand that this can’t come without you recognizing the signs that you need clean ductwork. This is what we’re here to help you determine. Let’s get into this below…

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Coughing, Wheezing, and Sneezing? Get an Air Duct Cleaning

Monday, November 26th, 2018

You should pay close attention to your home’s indoor air quality. We often see indoor air quality get disregarded (especially during this fall season) because lots of indoor air quality troubles double as other common problems like fall allergy flare-ups. You shouldn’t ignore these problems, though. Your air ducts accumulate a lost of dust and grime over time because they’re responsible for distributing all the conditioned air throughout your home.

Something as simple as a duct cleaning can improve your HVAC efficiency, home comfort, and personal health. If you need duct cleaning in Boerne, TX then you should contact our team today.

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How Higher Indoor Air Quality Affects You

Friday, May 2nd, 2014

Low indoor air quality has risen into a serious dilemma in the United States. Because the majority of U.S. citizens spend 85% of their time indoors, the quality of the air inside homes and commercial buildings has a larger impact on them than the air outdoors—and the air indoors is rarely good. Because homes have heavy seals against heat either entering or escaping, the indoor air becomes stale and contaminated—the main reason that the EPA now identifies poor indoor air quality as a significant health threat.

There are many ways people can increase the quality of the air in their homes. Aside from opening doors and windows (when the weather permits), homeowners can install air filters, dehumidifiers, and humidifiers, and schedule regular duct cleaning to eliminate the accumulation of dust and debris inside the ventilation system that circulates through the air.

You can contact Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating for any of these services.

How long has it been since you’ve had your ductwork cleaned, by the way? You should probably give us a call today and schedule duct cleaning in San Antonio, TX.

Why higher air quality is good for you

We can rely on the Environmental Protection Agency and its studies to learn how improved air quality in homes also improves health:

One of the primary problems from poor indoor air quality is that it triggers asthma. Most of the major asthma triggers exist in the materials that become trapped inside the ductwork of a house and constantly circulate through the air. Asthma can be an annoyance—and it can be life-threatening. If you or anyone in your home has asthma issues, you can reduce the triggers to almost nothing with better quality air.

Let’s move down to a smaller problem, one you might not even know affects you: fatigue. Poor indoor air quality is connected with headaches, migraines, skin and eye irritation, difficulty sleeping, and a general sense of being tired all the time. With your air cleaned up, you’ll find yourself more energetic and rested.

Indoor air quality is also linked to some long-term illnesses, and with improvement in your air, you can reduce your chances of developing respiratory diseases (such as asthma), heart disease, and even cancer (quite a few pollutants that can enter homes are carcinogenic). According to the EPA, “It is prudent to try to improve the indoor air quality in your home even if symptoms are not noticeable.” In both the short and the long-run, better air quality will make your health significantly better.

The first steps

Call Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating today to ask about how we can improve your indoor air quality. It’s best to start with a visit from our San Antonio, TX duct cleaning team: you may have a few years of pollutants trapped inside your ventilation system. We can clear them out and start you on the road to better health and happiness in your home.

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Why Clean Air Ducts Are Good for Your Health

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

It’s common for people to worry about the quality of the outdoor air because of pollution. But not as many people consider the quality of the air inside their own homes—and unfortunately, the news there often isn’t much better. Sometimes, it’s worse.

You can combat issues with your indoor air in a number of ways, but the most effective is to open up windows and doors to allow in the flow of fresh air. However, you will probably immediately see the drawback of this, especially in Texas: it’s not often feasible in hot weather. The same heat sealing that traps low quality air inside your home is responsible for keeping the often heavy heat locked outside.

However, you can improve your indoor air quality in other ways. Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating offers one of them: duct cleaning. We’ll show you how scheduling duct cleaning in Boerne, TX can improve your health.

Duct cleaning and healthier living

Any particle or debris inside your home can become drawn inside the ductwork and turned into an airborne contaminant. Dust and dirt are the most common culprits, along with lint and fibers from carpet and furniture. Hair and hair dander, which are especially troublesome for people with allergies, are another major pollutant inside ventilation. All of these will contribute to a group of ailments the U.S. EPA links to poor indoor air quality: asthma, wheezing, other breathing troubles, skin and eye irritation, congestion, coughing, difficulty sleeping, headaches, and other symptoms similar to colds and flus.

Although people who suffer from allergies will have the worst reaction to low-quality indoor air, these symptoms can appear in anyone. Of particular concern is the development of molds and bacteria inside ducts, which will cause a rapid decrease in air quality.

Duct cleaning can address all these problems: essentially, a professional cleaning job wipes away a major gathering spot in your home for airborne contamination. You can keep the inside of your house clean, but only duct cleaning can target this hidden space that you can’t otherwise reach. When your AC or heater comes on, it will blow air through clean vents and fresh air will circulate throughout your house—almost as good as opening up the windows and doors.

Call for professionals

We need to stress how important it is that you hire professionals for duct cleaning. The job requires special high-power vacuums that can put your ventilation system under negative pressure in order to agitate all the pollutants from the walls of the ductwork. This is the only way to reach through the whole system to clean it. Although cleaning ductwork is a large job, it’s easy for you to take care of it.

Simply call Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating, and our indoor air quality professionals will handle the duct cleaning in Boerne, TX you need for healthier living.

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When Is a Good Time to Schedule Duct Cleaning?

Friday, January 31st, 2014

Most heating and cooling systems use forced-air to send out conditioned air around a home. With the exception of ductless mini splits, forced-air systems all use ductwork to carry the air from the unit cabinet to the vents. The condition of these ducts is important to improve your indoor air quality and for keeping your HVAC system as efficient as possible. For these reasons—and the reasons listed below, you should schedule regular duct cleaning.

There are some specific times when you should schedule duct cleaning instead of waiting until a point marked on your calendar. Call Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating in Selma, TX for duct cleaning at any of these times:

When You Have Unexplained Heating/Cooling Bill Increases

A lining of dirt and dust along the inside of ductwork will increase the resistance against the airflow from your furnace, heat pump, or AC. This will force the system to work harder to reach its target temperature, and will result in an increase on your power bills. If you see a spike in your bills, and it doesn’t change because of maintenance or repairs, you should schedule duct cleaning to give your HVAC system as easier path to keeping you comfortable.

When You Notice an Increase of Cold and/or Allergy-like Symptoms

Ducts that have become contaminated with dust, dirt, pollen, dander, mold, and microbacteria will have a negative impact on your air quality, leading to people in your home suffering from symptoms similar to colds and allergies. People with actual allergies will notice the effects first, but you don’t have to have any allergies to suffer from these effects. If problems such as wheezing, coughing, headaches, and nose and eye irritation start to become frequent, you should look into duct cleaning to help remedy the problem.

When More Than a Year Has Passed Since the Last Cleaning

Although ducts will have different cleaning schedules depending on their size and frequency of use, in general a year is sufficient time for dust to grow inside to the point of causing cold and flu-like symptoms. If it’s been more than a year since you’ve scheduled duct cleaning—or if you’ve never had duct cleaning done before—now is the right time to take care of it.

Duct cleaning requires professionals, both to safely access your ducts and to use the specialized equipment necessary to get down to the deep-set grime. Give us a call today and speak with our ductwork cleaning specialists at Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating to schedule a thorough duct cleaning that will leave you with a safe, cleaner home and a more efficient heating and cooling system. We also offer a variety of other indoor air quality and HVAC services in Selma, TX, so be sure to let us know what you need!

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How to Tell If You Have Dirty Ducts

Tuesday, November 26th, 2013

The ductwork in your home does its important job out of your sight. It crawls, climbs, and snakes through walls and ceilings, passes through the attic and basement, and hides in the garage. It works without you needing to think about it much. However, because you can’t see it, it is often difficult to tell when the ductwork has started to collect a layer of dust and dirt along its inside. The ducts will eventually become dirty, and without regular professional duct cleaning, they will soon accumulate enough dust and debris, even microbacteria, to impair your HVAC system’s operation and lower the indoor air quality of your home.

Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating recommends you schedule annual duct cleaning.

Here are some ways to detect dirty ducts.

Signs of dirty ductwork

An increase in allergies/allergy-like symptoms: The EPA has determined that poor indoor air quality poses one of the major threats to people’s health in the U.S. Lowered air quality from contaminants blown about in your air can cause people with allergies to experience an increase in their symptoms. People without allergies can suffer from headaches, dried sinuses, common cold-like symptoms, and coughing. If your household starts to encounter these health issues consistently, then your indoor air quality may be suffering from contamination blowing through the ducts.

Your home is constantly dusty: If your vents continually waft dust into the air of your house, it will settle across your furnishings and gather in corners. If you find that no matter how much cleaning you do, the dust comes right back, you might need to have the ductwork cleansed.

Unusual smells from the vents: A layer of dirt along the ducts will give your air a dusty smell. Mold and bacteria will cause moldy or more unpleasant scents. If enough dust gets into the cabinet of your HVAC system, you may start to smell a burning odor.

Contact professional duct cleaners

You cannot effectively clean the ducts on your own: they are difficult to access, and standard cleaning tools like vacuums and sprays will not remove ground-in contamination. You need to bring in duct cleaning specialists, who use powered vacuums, rotary brushes, and sanitizers designed specifically for ductwork, to take care of this job. They can also install UV germicidal lights to take care of microbacterial growths.

Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating has over 25 years of history performing duct cleaning in San Antonio, TX. Schedule cleaning with us annually—and there’s no time like the present to get started.

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Are There Any Benefits to Getting My Ducts Cleaned?

Saturday, October 19th, 2013

If you have ductwork in your home for forced-air heating or air conditioning, you won’t see it most of the time. You may not notice when your ducts become dirty, and so you won’t think about having them cleaned. But duct cleaning is an important step to take to get the most from your home comfort system and to keep you and the others who live in your home healthy.

Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating cares about more than just your comfort; we care about your safety as well, which is why we perform duct cleaning in Canyon Lake, TX.

Here are some of the benefits you’ll receive if you call us to clean your ductwork:

Better air quality

The reason ducts become dirty is that they are tightly sealed all the way to the vents to prevent the loss of air pressure. Dust has few places to escape, and after a couple of years it will start to build up inside the ducts. When your forced-air system comes on, the dust and dirt will be blown out the vents and into your home, reducing the quality of its air. Lower indoor air quality can lead to dry skin, eye irritation, respiratory trouble, nose bleeds, difficulty sleeping, and other health problems. This presents an especially serious issue for people with allergies. Cleaning your ducts will give you safer, cleaner air.

A tidier house

When we come to a customer’s house to perform duct cleaning, we usually notice dust gathering in many places around their home. Even homeowners with the most stringent cleaning regimen cannot avoid a dust contamination if dirty ducts continue to blow out more dust. Having clean ducts is a step to having a cleaner living space.

More efficient heating and cooling

Although it’s unlikely that dirt will completely close up a duct, enough of it coating the insides will cut back on your system’s airflow. Furthermore, when dirt and debris clog up the system’s air filter, it could lead to damage to internal components and costly repairs. You’ll have better temperatures and lower bills with clean ducts.

Ductwork can gather an immense amount of contamination, and you should use take advantage of the slower fall reapair season to hire professionals to provide your ducts with a thorough cleaning. For top-quality Canyon Lake, TX duct cleaning services, call the Lake Canyon HVAC professionals Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating. We can answer all your questions and get the job done quickly and properly

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How Often Should I Schedule Duct Cleaning for My Home?

Monday, September 23rd, 2013

Central heaters and air conditioners use a system of ducts to blow warm or cool air through your home. Over time, dust and dirt can accumulate inside the ducts, which then gets blown through your home whenever you turn on the heat or AC. This can impact your homes indoor air quality – increasing the amount of allergens in your home – as well as reducing the efficiency of your HVAC system in general. San Antonio duct cleaning experts are extra important because because of our hot and humid climate, which can lead to a lot of moisture and growth in your ducts. “How often should I schedule duct cleaning for my house?” you ask. The answer depends on many things.

In the first place, you should consider how much dust and debris your family brings in on an average day. If you spend a lot of time working outdoors, you probably bring dust in when you arrive home. Similarly, if you have kids or pets who spend a lot of time outside, they’re apt to bring some of the great outdoors with them. All of this means scheduling duct cleaning more often than you might otherwise.

Seasonal energy bills may play a hand in it as well. In most cases, your energy bills will go up in the summer time, when you end up using your air conditioning more. Scheduling a duct cleaning before those bills kick in can improve your system’s efficiency and help cut into the costs of keeping your home cool. A duct cleaning service can also spot more serious issues related to energy bills, such as the presence of leaks of fissures in the system. You can then schedule repairs before the summer gets underway rather than paying more than you should to maintain a cool home.

For a more accurate idea of how often you should schedule duct cleaning for your home, talk to a trained professional. Duct cleaning involves a lot of local weather factors, which a local service like Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating understands.

Call us today; we can discuss your options with you and schedule a service that works for your family.

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