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How Insulation Helps Your Air Conditioning System

Friday, June 13th, 2014

Insulation. When you hear this word, do you automatically think of keeping warm? Most people do. Insulation is the warm coat wrapped around you in winter to protect you from the cold. Insulation is the material around wires to keep them from spreading heat where it can cause damage. Insulation is the fluffy stuff in your attic and walls that make sure your house stays warm during chilly weather.

But insulation is protection from both the cold and the heat. With proper insulation in Boerne, TX, you will help your air conditioner perform a better and more energy-efficient job through a hot summer. We’ll explain how this works and how Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating can help you with your home’s insulation needs. Contact us to set an appointment or to request an estimate.

Insulation and keeping cool in the summer

Here’s what insulation actually does: it prevents or restricts the movement of heat. It is a thermal barrier that works both directions. Heat attempts to move from an area of higher concentration to a cooler region, and insulation blocks this movement. During the winter, the insulation in a house traps the heat inside that comes from the heating system and makes it easier to stay warm—the same way that a coat traps your body heat around you and keeps you from feeling cold.

During the summer, the process works the opposite: the insulation in your home prevents the exterior heat from coming through the walls and unnecessarily raising the temperature. The attic is a place where this is especially important. Because the radiant heat from the sun on the roof will elevate the attic temperatures to extremes (130°F is not uncommon), the attic will turn into a source of warmth that will seep down into a home and raise the temperature by 10°F or more. But thick insulation in the attic floor will keep the attic heat restricted there.

With less heat entering your home, your air conditioning system will need to run less. You’ll have lower electrical bills and less strain placed on the AC. In the long run, the air conditioner will experience fewer repair needs and last longer before needing a replacement.

Here’s how we can help

Our insulation experts at Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating can check your home’s air sealing to find places where weak or absent insulation is permitting in extra heat. We will then find the best method to seal up these leaks so you have an energy-efficient home that’s much easier to keep cool.

You can trust your insulation in Boerne, TX to our work. Using spray foam insulation, blown-in insulation, and radiant barriers in the roof, we can create a create heat seal for your home.

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3 Different Types of Insulation You Can Use for Your Selma, TX Home

Thursday, February 13th, 2014

Some people thing of insulation as a luxury rather than a necessity, but in point of fact, good insulation can be the smartest decision you make for your home. With proper insulation, cold air stays inside in the summer time and warm air in the wintertime, lowering your heating and cooling bills in the process. In Selma, TX, insulation can save you a great deal in monthly costs, enough to offset the cost of installing the insulation in some cases. The type of insulation involved can play a big part in that. Here are 3 different types of insulation you can use for your home in Selma.

  • Spray foam insulation
    Spray foam insulation comes in pressurized canisters and can be sprayed into the area like shaving cream before it hardens into a permanent shape. Spray foam insulation works extremely well for cramped crawlspaces and other areas where more traditional types of insulation can’t reach.
  • Blown-in insulation
    Blown-in insulation consists of numerous loose particles, inserted into the area with a blower. It’s less expensive than spray-foam insulation, and still does the same job of covering awkward spaces without a lot of fuss. Blown-in insulation is usually composed of recycled materials, making it an environmentally friendly option.
  • Radiant barriers
    In hot climates like ours, radiant barriers – consisting of reflective material mounted on your roof — make another cost-effective form of insulation. They work best in the summer, when temperatures rise, but now is an excellent time to have them installed, when temperatures are still mild and the heat hasn’t hit us yet.

No matter what different type of insulation you can use in your home, you can count on Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating to help. Our trained experts provide professional HVAC services in Selma, TX, and we understand how insulation affects your home and can prepare a plan to install the most efficient type and amount for your particular needs. Insulation is an absolute must for any home owner in Selma. You don’t want to leave it in the hands of amateurs. Pick up the phone today and give us a call. Let us show you what we can do for you.

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Why Does More Insulation Mean Lower Heating Bills?

Wednesday, February 5th, 2014

Why does wearing a coat keep you warm during cold days? Because the coat layers serve as a barrier to the movement of heat. The reason you feel cold in low temperatures is because heat escapes from your body to the outside air; a coat traps your body’s heat and keeps it close to you, helping to maintain warmth.

This same principle applies your home: insulation is your home’s “winter coat.” With effective insulation in your home’s walls and floor, you can expect lower heating bills. We’ll explain how this works. If you need improved insulation in Boerne, TX, contact our insulation and air sealing service experts at Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating today.

Why Better Insulation = Lower Heating Costs

Insulation is a thermal barrier: it restricts the movement of heat through convection and conduction. During the winter, your heating system produces the vital heat you need to keep comfortable. This heat will attempt to move outside to the cooler air, the same way heat leaves your body in cold weather. It’s the job of the insulation to stop this. Basically, insulation serves as a heat seal that traps warmth inside your home.

This lowers your heating costs in two ways. First, you won’t need to run that heater as much in the first place because the natural heat in your home—from bodies, appliances, lights—will remain inside the house. Second, the heater will not need to continually strain to replace the heat lost through insulation leaks. If you have a house with poor insulation, the most powerful heating system available will have trouble overcoming the constant loss of heat to the outside. Your house will still feel drafty, with only a few rooms receiving adequate warmth—and all the while you’ll waste money on running the heater.

Improve Your Home’s Heat Sealing For Optimal Heating Efficiency

If you are currently experiencing high heating bills even though your heater seems to be working well, then the problem may be insulation leaks. You will need to have insulation experts inspect your home and find the trouble spots that will need improved sealing. You don’t want your house completely sealed—fresh air is important for indoor air quality—and the insulation technicians will know how to find the right balance.

We offer different options for new insulation and other heating services in Boerne, TX, at Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating. Call us today to help you improve your home’s heating with a brand new “coat.”

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These Are Your Insulation Options

Friday, January 10th, 2014

For the best heating and cooling around the year, you need more than an effective HVAC system. You also need a home with the appropriate insulation in place to keep the warmth outside during the summer and trapped inside during the winter weather. The main tool to create a heat seal in your home is insulation.

Insulation forms a thermal barrier that stops the movement of heat. Most insulation prevents convection (movement through air) and conduction (movement through material), so the heat stays where you want it to stay. If you have insufficient insulation in your home, it will be a problem no matter the time of the year.

Contact Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating for installation of insulation and other indoor air quality service needs in New Braunfels, TX.

We have a number of different options for insulating your home:

Spray foam insulation

This is an alternative to the common fiberglass insulation. It is a mixture of isocyanate and polyol resin. A special gun sprays out the compound, which expands into a foam. The foam then hardens to create the thermal barrier. Spray foam is excellent for insulating areas with difficult to reach nooks and corners that other types of insulation do not fit. According to the US Department of Energy, spray foam insulates as much as 50% better than traditional fiberglass insulation.

Blown in insulation

This is a popular method for insulation because it uses recycled material and is therefore environmentally friendly. Hoses blow out the insulation over wall cavities, attics, and floors, and the material settles fast. Like spray foam, blown in insulation works well for unusually sized or tight spaces.

Radiant barriers

This insulation is specifically designed to keep out heat during sunny weather. They are made of highly reflective material that doesn’t absorb heat like other insulation, but instead redirects it. Radiant barriers fit into your roof to reflect back the heat of the sun to prevent it from entering your home. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates radiant barriers will reduce cooling costs by 5%-10% in warm, sunny climates—like Texas.

You need professionals to place insulation in your home. It’s not only an issue of the right type of insulation to install, but also the R-value of the insulation, i.e. its level of effectiveness. For your insulation in New Braunfels, TX, put your trust in the experience of the technicians at Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating. We will pick the insulation type that will give your home the best seal against heat.

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How Does Insulation Really Work?

Friday, November 22nd, 2013

No matter where you live in the U.S., you need to have effective insulation in your home. People often associate the word “insulation” with “keeping warm,” but insulation applies to both keeping warm and keeping cool. For living in San Antonio, TX, insulation does the crucial job of keeping the boiling summer heat from getting through your walls, which gives your air conditioner a far less grueling job to handle. And during our occasional Texas cold spells, the insulation will keep heat trapped inside your home and give your heating system a break as well.

If you want additional information about properly heating and cooling your home, contact the company that has served San Antonio with quality comfort for over a quarter of a century: Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating.

Insulation: Here’s How It Works

The reason insulation works for keeping you warm and cool is because it serves as a thermal barrier. All that insulation does, essentially, is resist the flow of heat. A warm jacket keeps heat from escaping your body to the colder air, making you warmer. A well-insulated home prevents outside heat from entering, making your environment cooler.

Heat flow uses three basic mechanisms: conduction (moving through material), convection (circulating through liquids and gasses), and radiation (heating anything solid in the path of heat traveling in a straight line). The materials in commercial and residential insulation work by slowing the conductive flow of heat. The layers of low-conductive material in insulation reduce how much heat gets through.

Insulation’s effectiveness is measured as “R-value”: the higher the R-value of the insulation, the better it slows heat conduction. An insulation calculator is used to determine how high an R-value you’ll need for your home’s insulation. However, proper placement of insulation material is as important as its R-value: poor installation will mean heat flow getting through the many gaps where insulation was put in improperly.

Having good insulation in your home means both improved comfort and energy savings. If you have a powerful air conditioner or heater in your home that seems to be working without problems, yet you find that you can never get the right level of comfort, you may need to investigate your home’s insulation.

Call up Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating to learn more about insulation in San Antonio and how it can work for you. We still do things the old-fashioned way: with a handshake.

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Why Is Insulation So Important?

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

When people think of insulation, they tend to imagine it’s something that is only important during the winter. Homes getting “winterized” have new insulation put in the walls and the attic to make sure heat can’t escape into the cold. In Texas, where we tend to have mild winters and sweltering summers, insulation may seem secondary, possibly unnecessary.

However, nothing could be farther from the truth. Insulation is vital for the success of your air conditioner as well as your heater. Without proper insulation in your home, both cold and hot spells will feel much worse, and you’ll end up wasting money on your energy bills because your AC and heater will have to work harder to bring your house to the temperature you want.

At Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating, we handle all kinds of comfort needs for all kinds of homes. We know how important insulation is, and we want you to know it as well. If you need San Antonio, TX insulation services, reach out to us.

How Does Insulation Work

Insulation serves a basic function: it forms a barrier against the movement of heat. It keeps it out of your home; it keeps it in your home. Imagine these two scenarios:

  1. During winter, your heater sends warmth into your house, but poor insulation in the walls and the attic (especially the attic!) lets it leak outdoors with little opposition. You find cold spots all over your home, and the heater struggles to keep the temperature up, which causes premature wear and tear.
  2. During summer, your air conditioner blows out cooled air. But it meets a wall of resistance from the heat that gets through weak insulation. You need to keep your AC running more and more just to reach a decent, comfortable temperature. Electricity bills rise and your air conditioner risks a breakdown.

You have a number of options for insulating your home for both warm and cool weather. Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating installs spray foam insulation (great for oddly-shapes spaces), blown insulation (ideal for the attic), and radiant barriers (very effective for summer). We can also take care of any repairs or updates you need on your air conditioning or heating system to make certain it works well with your home’s insulation.

Make sure that the place you live is properly armored for every season: contact Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating and get your San Antonio, TX insulation needs taken care of.

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