As summer carries on and we keep using our air conditioners daily, we hope that yours is serving you well. AC maintenance is the best way to ensure this is the case. But of course, there are some instances in which maintenance cannot prevent a cooling system from breaking down, particularly if that system is aging. Most air conditioners, when well cared for, can last about a decade with peak efficiency.

If your system is older than this, and you’re considering a new method of air conditioning in New Braunfels, TX, you’d do well to consider the ductless air conditioner. There are a variety of benefits to doing so, which we’ll get to below. The biggest advantage, though, maybe your ability to zone-control your cooling.

Zone Controlled Cooling

If you’ve heard the term zone control before, it may have been about a central air conditioning system. This is an option for central air conditioners—to have dampers put in the ducts during installation so that you can turn the air off or at a different temperature per room. However, it’s not the only option and arguably not always the best option!

But still, if your family squabbles over the settings on the thermostat, zone control cooling is a major advantage. Ductless systems allow you to control each air handler separately from the others so that you can cool to your heart’s content in one room while keeping other rooms at a higher temperature.

Lower Bills

Why does zone-control cooling from a ductless system matter? Well, because it saves you money! This is the real benefit of going ductless. Since you won’t need to run the air in parts of your home that aren’t being used during the day—like bedrooms or upstairs portions of your home—your monthly air conditioning bills will be much lower than they would have been, and the system as a whole won’t suffer as much wear and tear.

You’ll get all this with no loss in comfort that comes with air conditioning.

No Ducts

As the name so clearly implies, ductless systems do not require the use of ducts. But what if you already have ductwork snaking its way through your home? Well, then you might choose to stick with the central air conditioner, however, consider this: your ductwork may have worn out over the past few years of use, and could have multiple tears or breaks in it. This means that conditioned air can leak out into unused areas of your home (like attics or crawlspaces) and perform inefficiently as a result. Duct repair or replacement is certainly an option, but going ductless helps you avoid this problem altogether.

Are Ductless Systems Right for Every Home?

Well, no, not necessarily. If you live in a small, single-level home with only one bedroom, or even a studio apartment, then going ductless may not make sense (unless of course, you want to save space).

Ductless systems are ideal for larger, multi-room, or multi-story homes as those homes will have different cooling needs throughout. If you’re unsure if you’ll benefit from a ductless system, the best thing you can do is to call in a pro to have a look at your needs and recommend the best fit.

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