As our weather turns cooler, thoughts turn to heating for the coming winter season. Heat pumps are great heating devices, but there can be some concern as to whether or not they are sufficient during very cold weather. If this is a concern of yours, there is a solution: a hybrid heating system in Boerne. A hybrid heating system combines two systems: a heat pump and a gas furnace backup. This allows you to use a heat pump for heating and cooling, and a gas furnace for when the weather drops below freezing. The installation of a hybrid heating system is complicated, so call the experts you can trust: Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating.

How Does a Hybrid System Work?

A hybrid heating system uses a heat pump as its main source of heat. In the winter months, heat pumps absorb the heat in the surrounding air, concentrate it, and then distribute it throughout your home. When the temperature goes below freezing, the heat pump doesn’t have as much available heat to absorb, and as such, can have a more difficult time heating your home. With a hybrid system, the heat pump is equipped with a sensor that works with your indoor dual-fuel thermostat. The sensor on the heat pump is programmed to switch the system to the gas furnace at a specific temperature that you set. It is recommended that this temperature be set a few degrees above freezing. When the air outside reaches this set-point temperature, your heating system will automatically switch to the gas furnace for heat. This allows a seamless transition that keeps your home warm, no matter what the outside temperature may be.

Benefits of a Hybrid Heating System

Here are some of the benefits of a hybrid system:
  • Provides both heating and cooling – because the main component of the system is a heat pump, you gain the benefits of using a heat pump, one of which is getting both heating and cooling from one device.
  • Good energy efficiency – heat pumps use only a small amount of electricity, and the use of your gas furnace will not be full-time; this can help save energy.

Convenience – with a hybrid heating system, you don’t have to worry about switching the system yourself.

If you want to use a heat pump in your home, but have concerns about its ability to heat during the coldest time of the year, a hybrid heating system in Boerne may be just what you need.

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