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Winter Storm Advisory and No Heat Support

To our valued customers:

Due to high call volume, extreme weather conditions and the power outages city wide. We are currently experiencing very delayed appointment times. For the safety of your family and our technicians we are only running EMERGENCY calls between 12pm and 4pm due to road closures and dangerous roads. 

If immediate support is needed outside of those hours, we ARE able to assist customers through zoom or on the phone to help provide heat!

Please call our office at (210) 600-5334 and a member of our team will help take care of your needs.  


With the CPS routine power outages your HVAC system may potentially be in danger.

These power outages can cause electrical damage however this has nothing to do with the integrity of your HVAC equipment.

With your HVAC unit being forcefully shut off and on this is causing harm to your system.

If your HVAC system is not working after the CPS power outages here are 3 main reasons:

  1. A tripped circuit breaker
  2. A bad capacitor
  3. Compressor failure

Thank you for your patience and stay safe!