Those dates on the calendar keep flying by—we’re shocked that we’re already rounding out April too! We know that spring is flying by but you’re not behind the curve when it comes to scheduling an appointment for your air conditioning services. You’re right on time.

If you’re wondering why you should schedule an appointment for your AC maintenance in San Antonio, TX we’re going to get into all the reasons below. For now, though, all you need to know is that you can come to our professionals for the air conditioning maintenance work you need. We even have a maintenance plan you can enroll in. Call us today to get all the details.

What Maintenance Does for You

Are you wondering why you should schedule an appointment for maintenance? This is a question that many of our homeowners ask us and we’re more than eager to answer this question for you.

Maintenance is something that you should invest in for the following reasons: it helps you save money, it helps your AC unit last long into the future, and it keeps you comfortable throughout the year. We’ll break everything down below.

  • Cost Savings: Maintenance is the service that’s going to prime your system for the summer ahead. This means that you can expect high-quality air conditioning services at a low cost. If you invest a little in your air conditioner now, you’re going to be sure to save later.
  • Long-Lasting AC: Do you want your air conditioner to last long into the future? We’d guess that the answer would be yes since an air conditioner is a considerable investment. If you have an air conditioner then you know that one of these systems is expected to last you about 10 to 15 years. Although it’s expected to last this long, it’s not going to last this long without careful care from professionals. Investing in maintenance is going to help your system reach its full potential.
  • Comfort: You want to be comfortable throughout the year, right? You can’t expect to get great air conditioning service without the right care. Maintenance is what’s going to keep your system in the right shape so that you can stay cool throughout the San Antonio summer.

Are you interested in taking your air conditioning maintenance a little bit further? Schedule an appointment with us today.

Our Maintenance Plan

Here’s what our maintenance plan includes:

  • An air conditioner tune-up
  • A Heating tune-up, a safety check for your gas, electrical, and heat pump system
  • A duct inspection and disinfectant treatment system
  • A chemical cleaning of the condenser coil
  • One free emergency call
  • A 15% discount on parts and equipment
  • Priority scheduling

Enroll in our maintenance plan and receive all these benefits. You’ll receive benefits, priority service, and even savings. Make sure that you get in touch with our professionals. We even have heating maintenance too.

Contact Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating today to schedule an appointment. Serving San Antonio for over 25 years.

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