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Heat Pump installation and Replacement
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San Antonio, TX Heat Pump Installation and Replacement from Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating

Are you looking for an energy efficient solution to your year–round comfort? Are you dissatisfied with your current heating and cooling systems? At Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating, we offer superior heat pump installation and replacement services to customers who want the versatility, efficiency, and performance of a heat pump. This device works just like an air conditioner in that it can keep your home cool during the summer months, but it also has the ability to keep your home warm during the winter. This makes it one of the best year–round comfort systems for the area.

The San Antonio heat pump installation technicians at Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating can make sure that your heat pump is not only of high quality, but also that it’s appropriately sized for your home, operating as it should. We offer free estimates, and during installation, we always protect your home with shoe covers and carpets. We guide you every step of the way, from the selection process through to the installation, and you can depend on our team for truly exceptional customer service. When you want a company that makes your home comfort the priority, call Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating.

The San Antonio, TX heat pump experts at Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating offer quality installation and replacement services throughout the San Antonio area.

What is a Heat Pump?

While many homeowners are familiar with furnaces and air conditioners, the heat pump may be an unknown quantity to most. As a comprehensive heating and air conditioning system, a heat pump offers a versatility that cannot be had with either an AC or a conventional heater. It operates similarly to an air conditioner. It consists of an indoor and outdoor unit connected by a circuit of refrigerant that moves heat from one place to another; the direction depends upon whether you need cooling or heating. It utilizes an extensive network of ducts within your home to extract the indoor air, condition it, and then return it indoors according to your thermostat specifications.

Considering its various mechanical and electrical components, your new heat pump needs to be installed by a professional if you hope to expect great heating and cooling performance. At Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating, we offer comprehensive heat pump installation so that you can enjoy worry–free home comfort for the years to come.

When Is It Time for Heat Pump Replacement?

It can be difficult to draw the line between heat pump repair and replacement. With pro installation and maintenance, your heat pump will give you years of great service, but there will come a time when repairs are no longer possible, or when they have become so frequent and costly as to warrant professional heat pump replacement services. Whatever your heat pump need, Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating has got you covered. Call us today to learn more about what we can do to improve your home’s comfort.