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Ductless Mini Split Systems

Ductless mini splits are a unique invention. Ever since the advent of the heat pump, and our ability to heat and cool space with refrigerant and electricity, we’ve needed a solution that didn’t require ductwork. Too many homes these days either have ducts in disrepair, or are just too small or old for air ducts. That’s where ductless mini splits become incredibly useful!

The team at Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating will always provide comprehensive ductless mini split services. Whether it’s help with your mini split AC during the summer, or an efficiency issue with your ductless heating during the winter, we’ve always got your back. We do everything by the book, and use the most competitive prices so that you don’t feel like you’re losing out. We do things the old-fashioned way here in San Antonio, TX.

If you’re looking for quality split air conditioner services, then give Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating a call. Contact us today for an appointment!


Ductless HVAC Installation

Wall mounted heat pumps require precise installation. Sure, they might look like they can be installed by an amateur or a family friend in your San Antonio, TX home, but looks can be deceiving. Despite their compact size, ductless HVAC installation has to be done by a certified professional. Not only will you void the warranty and cause problems down the line, but you’ll also miss out on some comfort strategizing.

For starters, your home needs to be set up so that your ductless air conditioning mini splits are placed in strategic locations that maximize the comfort of your air. Since there won’t be any ductwork, one to four air handlers will be charged with cooling and heating your whole home for the entire year. This immense task should be entrusted by a professional every time.

Ductless HVAC Replacement

A ductless HVAC system won’t last forever. In fact, we run into ductless systems that have been running way past their expiration date to the point where they’re barely providing any comfortable temperatures at all. The next time you’re confronted with a ductless HVAC repair, consult with our team about whether or not ductless HVAC replacement services might be better.

Factors like age, efficiency, frequency of fixes, and previous service can all prove to require replacement to mend. Not every heat pump is the same, and some ductless systems have been neglected to the point where they absolutely should be replaced. Call our experts in San Antonio to get this done.

Ductless HVAC Repair

Need a quick, complete fix? There’s no better team to get this done than the pros at Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating. We do things the old-fashioned way, by providing serious, high-quality ductless HVAC repairs by local experts that care about the community. We treat HVAC equipment like the high-tech machines they are, and our craftsmanship speaks for itself.

Want a little more out of your comfort systems? Why not sign up for ductless HVAC maintenance? Our pros will provide a yearly assessment and tune-up for your HVAC systems so that you’re always in the know. Call us today to learn more!