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24/7Emergency Service
24/7Emergency Service

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Heating Tune-Up
Fast Response

Heating Tune-Up & Safety Check 

Gas, Electrical & Heat Pump 

  1. Check Furnace area for gas leaks
  2. Check air filter, wash permanent filters
  3. Check thermostat and low voltage wiring
  4. Check pilot operation
  5. Check burners and heat exchanger
  6. Check flu (pipe and fittings)
  7. Check all safety controls
  8. Check safety & operation of system
  9. Check for carbon monoxide
  10. Video inspection of your unit
  11. Check electrical connections
  12. Inspect the unit for cleanliness
  13. Vacuum return air grills
  14. Disinfect air ducts with anti-microbial spray
  15. Run a heat limit safety check
  16. Power cord & indoor safety inspection
  17. Check indoor blower motor
  18. Check indoor capacitor
  19. Air duct inspection
  20. Check heat pump Freon levels & add up to a pound of Freon if necessary
  21. Check compressor
  22. Check outdoor fan motor
  23. Check pump fan capacitor
  24. Check compressor start capacitor
  25. Rinse out condenser coil
  26. Check outdoor power supply