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Heating Repairs and Maintenance in San Antonio, TX

There are many homeowners in the San Antonio, TX area that haven’t really searched around for quality heating repairs from professional contractors. It’s not hard to know why. Heating systems used to be simpler and you could often repair something yourself. Because technology was a lot less complex, an expensive repair was a lot harder to come by. Times have changed!

Here at Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating, we understand that your heating system is an investment. You want three things: a fast and reliable repair that works, customer service that makes you comfortable, and long-term savings so you can afford the better things in life. Our team goes above and beyond to grant you those three goals and more. Call our expert technicians today so we can talk about what your heater requires.

Our reputation is always on the line. Contact Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating today for the best heater repairs money can buy!


Heating Repair Services

What constitutes high-quality heating repair services in San Antonio, TX? You need knowledgeable technicians who know the ins and outs of the system, as well as the understanding of how your unit interacts with your unique home. From furnace repair to heat pump repair, our technicians know how to deal with each and every system we install and replace. You can call us for all your heating repair needs.

Sometimes a furnace that goes without repairs can quickly turn into a safety concern. Likewise, a heat pump that’s neglected can start becoming a nuisance. It will leak refrigerant, start growing mold in the condensate drain, and even fall off of the wall if moisture levels aren’t dealt with. These would be considered repairs, and you’re never going to get the satisfactory results you need if you don’t work with a team of specialists. Call us today!

Heating Maintenance Services

Heating maintenance services are a great way to deal with repairs before they actually become repairs. Over half of all the repairs your furnace or heat pump will encounter within its lifespan can be avoided by simple yearly maintenance provided by our team of professionals. This is even more important in San Antonio, TX where we ought to get as many years out of our heaters as possible!

If it’s furnace maintenance, we’ll make sure that the gas-burning components and the heat exchanger are in good enough shape to work safely for another season. When it comes to heat pump maintenance, we’ll recharge refrigerant and deal with any budding leaks. We’ll also ensure your system’s reversing valve works properly and help you maximize the efficiency of the unit. Seriously, you’re always going to be better off when you take advantage of our maintenance program for your heating systems!