We’re lucky to have warm weather here in San Antonio throughout most of the year. For most of the spring and summer seasons, you’re going to walk outdoors and be greeted by the sun’s warm rays shining down on you. Not everyone across the country can say this. This is a big perk all on its own, but you can make the sun work for you by going solar in San Antonio, TX.

We know that you’re probably familiar with solar power as a concept. You might even know a friend or a neighbor who has chosen to power their home with solar power, but do you know how it can help your home personally? We’re going to get into everything for you below.

How Does Solar AC Work?

As you might know, a standard air conditioner works on a closed-loop cycle using refrigerant to cool the air flowing into your home. Solar air conditioning systems work on this same basic principle, but the difference is that these systems use an external heat source (the solar panel) to collect power for the system and then use this to cool your home.

One question that we hear often concerning solar-powered air conditioners is: do these systems work? The answer is yes. Yeah, there are some days here in San Antonio that are a little gloomy, but that doesn’t mean that the sun has completely checked out that day. Solar-powered air conditioning systems can still collect energy from the sun when it’s a little cloudy. You’re going to get the power you need from this system whenever you need it.

Three Big Benefits of Solar AC

There are some major benefits of solar-powered air conditioning systems. Here are the top three:

  1. They Help The Environment

    While standard air conditioners are sure to be what you know and are more familiar with, solar-powered air conditioners are great because solar power is a renewable resource. The solar-powered air conditioning process drastically reduces your home’s greenhouse gas emissions. If you’re looking for a way to ease your strain on the earth, then a solar-powered air conditioning system is one of the best ways to do this.

  2. They Save You Money

    We know that when homeowners read “solar-powered air conditioning” it’s as if they can feel their pockets wincing and their wallets cowering in fear. We know that these systems have a reputation for being expensive, but they’re reasonable with the right financing. Not only this, but they also save you money over time because they’re so efficient and because they reduce your energy consumption.

  3. They Help you Maintain Your Home Comfort

    The solar panels that you adopt aren’t going to be an additional hassle. You don’t have to clean these panels too often. It rains enough here in San Antonio to wash away any dirt that accumulates on these panels to keep them clean and clear, making them easy to maintain.

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