When summer rolls around, it’s easy to focus on things like air conditioning maintenance and air conditioning repair. While these are two important aspects of your air conditioning service, you should also take note of how you’re running your air conditioner at a time like this. There are some ways you could be making things harder for your air conditioner.

We know that it isn’t likely that you’re sitting around brushing up on all the latest in the air conditioning industry when you’ve got some free time. That’s why we’re here. We want to pass on our knowledge regarding everything you need to know about air conditioning in San Antonio, TX. We’re going to alert you to five problems that you might be perpetuating in your home.

Stop Making These Mistakes

Here are a few things that you might be doing that are hurting your air conditioning system:

  1. Skipping Maintenance

    Have you been skipping out on maintenance in your home? Let’s say that spring comes around and you put “schedule a maintenance appointment” on your to-do list. The problem is just that though—it stays there for months and months until summer comes and goes without you having the proper care.

    Skipping maintenance is a bad decision because it leaves your system vulnerable. Maintenance is the only time you can have a professional out to work on your AC system before problems get dire.

  2. Ignoring the Signs of Trouble

    You notice those new habits your air conditioner does, the problem with it is that you don’t want to address these issues. Addressing the issue means that you’re accepting that the problem is real. It means you’re going to have an AC tech in your home, and it means it’s going to cost you money as well. Although this is surely a hassle, ignoring the signs of trouble is going to cost you more.

  3. Using One Filter for Too Long

    You should change your air conditioner’s filter once every three months. If you’re not doing this, then you’re not getting proper efficiency from your air conditioner. A clean filter keeps your system clean and high-functioning.

  4. Prolonging Upgrades

    If you know that you need to upgrade your air conditioning system, you shouldn’t wait this out. Your upgrades need to happen promptly. Waiting until the last possible minute to do this means you’re putting yourself at risk of a breakdown. We make replacement services easy because we’re informed and we’re stocked with great tools. You can rely on us.

  5. Running Your Unit with an Old Thermostat

    Your air conditioner isn’t getting proper service if you’re still using an old thermostat with your system. This is because old thermostats don’t do much other than control your system. A new thermostat can master your system.

Wi-Fi and smart thermostats are amazing because they help you eliminate costly human error. When you don’t have the right thermostat, you’re never going to get proper efficiency. We’re prepared to help you get the cooling you deserve.

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