Over $500 Value
Benefits Include:
1 Air Conditioner Tune-up
(Regular Price $79.95)
Priority Scheduling
Duct Inspection
1 Heating Tune-up Safety

Check Gas, Electrical, and Heat Pump Units

(Regular Price $79.95)
No After-Hours or Weekend Fees
(Regular Price $89.95)
10% Discount on Parts & Equipment
One Free Emergency Call
(Regular Price $79.95)

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Only $179.50

For homes with ONE (1) system,
and $49.95 for each additional system.

Air Conditioner Tune–Up

With Air Quality Check
Regular Price $79.95

We will provide the following service as part of the checkup on your central air system.

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Filter Maintenance:
  • Check the air filter.
  • Wash if it’s a permanent type.
  • Treat the filter with anti-microbial spray.
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System Performance & Efficiency:
  • Digitally inspect Freon levels.
  • Check system operation and efficiency.
  • Make any recommendations needed to improve system performance.
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Indoor Components:
  • Check the indoor blower.
  • Adjust belts if applicable.
  • Check the indoor cooling coil.
  • Check the blower motor.
  • Oil the blower motor if needed.
  • Check electrical wiring (low and high voltage).
  • Visually inspect air ducts.
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Thermostat & Calibration:
  • Check thermostat functionality.
  • Calibrate if necessary.
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Condensate System:
  • Check the condensate drain line.
  • Flush the drain line if necessary.
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Outdoor Components:
  • Wash outdoor condenser coil.
  • Check the outdoor fan motor.
  • Oil the outdoor fan motor if needed.
  • Check compressor AMP draws and operation.
  • Clean out all obstructing dirt and debris.
  • Clean electrical compartment.
  • Repair any loose wires at the unit.
  • Chemically clean outside unit.

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Heating Tune–Up

With Safety Check, Electrical & Heat Pump
Regular Price $79.95
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Indoor Components:
  • Check the indoor blower motor.
  • Check the indoor capacitor.
  • Video inspection of your unit.
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Filter and Air Quality:
  • Check the air filter.
  • Wash permanent filters.
  • Disinfect the air ducts with anti-microbial spray to impede mold growth.
  • Check for cleanliness.
  • Vacuum return gas grills.
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Thermostat and Electrical Components:
  • Check the thermostat and low-voltage wiring.
  • Check electrical connections to ensure durability with heat function.
  • Check the power cord and power supply.

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Safety Checks:
  • Check the furnace area for gas leaks.
  • Check pilot operation.
  • Check burners and heat exchangers.
  • Check flue (pipe and fittings).
  • Check all safety controls.
  • Check for carbon monoxide.
  • Check the safety and operation of the system.
  • Heat limit safety test.
  • Air duct inspection (Regular Price $150.00).
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Freon Levels and Heat Pump Components:
  • Check Freon levels and add up to one pound if necessary.
  • Check compressor.
  • Check the outdoor fan motor.
  • Check the outdoor fan capacitor.
  • Check the compressor start capacitor.
  • Rinse condenser coil.
  • Check the outdoor power supply.

Over $500 Value

  • The customer is responsible for calling in for preventative maintenance before the expiration of the contract.
  • There is no warranty on cleaning, adding Freon, and water leaks due to flushing drains, or other such work that is not classified as repairs. The service contract is NOT a warranty.