When you think of the systems that keep your home comfortable, what do you think of? We can bet that the top two systems that come to mind are your air conditioning system and your heating system. While these are two systems that do a lot of heavy lifting when it comes to getting your home comfortable, they’re not the end all be all of the comfort control. It’s also important to consider the role that your home’s ductwork system plays.

Your ducts are the passageways that your home’s HVAC systems use to distribute conditioned air. If your ducts aren’t airtight, then you’re going to struggle to get warm, stay warm, and pay a reasonable price for your warmth all winter. Today, we want to check in with your ducts and talk to you about our duct sealing in San Antonio, TX.

Signs That Your Ducts Could Use Some Help

Are you wondering if you need to seal your home’s ducts? Here are a few signs that they could use some help.

  • You have high energy bills in the summer and in the winter, no matter how you run your HVAC systems.
  • Some rooms are more difficult than others to heat or cool.
  • Your ducts are located in an attic, crawl space, or garage and you can’t remember the last time you visually assessed them.
  • Your home is always noisy when you run your HVAC system.
  • You have a high amount of dust throughout your home.

These are a few signs that you need better ductwork. We’ll make this a reality for you.

Our Duct Services

Of course, we offer duct sealing services. We understand that duct sealing is a vital service if your ducts gap, break, or pop anywhere throughout their length. Issues like this are detrimental to your home’s overall efficiency. It might seem like something you can power through for a season, but it’s something that can lead to higher energy bills and lower comfort throughout the season. We make our duct sealing services easily accessible. Contact us when you want quality work.

  • Duct cleaning is also a service we provide. Throughout the year, your ducts are bound to build up with dust, debris, etc. Although this might not make a stark difference in your home that you might notice right away, it will make a difference that you’ll notice over time. Don’t wait until things get so bad that there’s barely any airflow throughout your home. Instead, we suggest having a professional clean your ducts every 1-3 years.
  • Duct repair might be necessary when a gap or tear is allowed to persist without any intervention. We’re here to make the job easy for you with our professional work.
  • Insulation is key for any healthy home. If you want to make sure that you’re getting great heating for a low price that’s going to make an impact on your home, then your insulation needs to be up to par. We can get it there.

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