Summer is here and we know you’re feeling the heat. Is your air conditioner keeping you cool?

If the answer is a “no” or even a wavering “yes,” then it’s time for you to call us. We know that it can seem like a burden for you to take care of your air conditioner in the summer, but we’re going to make it easy for you. We know it’s hot here and you don’t want much downtime without your air conditioner. This is something that we consider before we do anything else. We get to know your home before we perform any air conditioning work in your home. We’ve got your back with air conditioning repair in San Antonio, TX.

When Should You Call?

Here are a few signs that you should call our professionals for air conditioning work.

You’re Not Cool Enough

We’re not saying that your home doesn’t get cool at all, we’re just saying that your home doesn’t get cool enough. If you notice that you always need to give your air conditioner a little backup with the help of a fan or two then this is an issue. You shouldn’t have to strip down and close every blind in your home either. If your air conditioner can’t get your home to a reasonable level of comfort without any assistance, then it’s worth contacting our professionals.

Your AC is Inefficient

Are you paying too much for your home air conditioning services? This is a terrible thing for your home efficiency and bottom line. If you notice that your air conditioner is more expensive with no reasonable cause, then it’s time to have our professionals help you out.

You Can’t Get Great IAQ

Do you need better indoor air quality in your home? One of the main culprits could be your air conditioning unit. An old AC unit can change how your home operates. If you’re struggling to get clean air, then you’re going to need help from our professionals.

You’re Experiencing Short Cycling

You turn on your air conditioner expecting it to cool down fast and you’re met with a weird air conditioning cycle. Your air conditioner turns on and runs for a little bit, but then it’s quickly shut off on its own accord. Then the most confusing part yet—it starts up all over again shortly after. You’re not sure what’s going on, but you don’t like it. The only thing that’s keeping you from hopping up and heading over to the phone is the fact that it doesn’t seem to be affecting your air conditioning efficacy.

We don’t want you to fall into this false sense of safety. Problems like this will negatively impact your air conditioner. You might even start seeing the problems manifest by the end of this summer. Knock out the issue now with the help of our team members.

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