Heat pumps keep us warm in the winter, and cool in the summer by either pumping heat to or away from a given space.

They are efficient, versatile, and easy to manage, but still require constant maintenance to function properly throughout the year. This ensures that any problems are quickly spotted and fixed before they escalate into more serious problems.

Remaining aware of your heat pump’s operation will let you know when it’s crucial to get a heat pump repaired in New Braunfels, TX.

In this guide, we cover some common signs that will let you know when it’s time to call a professional to repair your heat pump.

Your Heat Pump Is Noisy

Given the mechanism of a heat pump, it isn’t unrealistic to expect a little noise. When your heat pump is in defrost mode, for example, it will probably make a low, humming sound, reminiscent of the sound of a low note from a trumpet. Outdoor heat pumps shouldn’t make any noise that you would consider louder than light rainfall.

However, if your heat pump buzzes and vibrates, it could mean that its engine needs repair. If the valves or solenoids are faulty, then you will hear a distinct hissing or whooshing noise. Groaning and rattling are other sounds you need to look out for.

Don’t ignore these noises because running your heat pump in this condition will make the damage worse.

Your Heat Pump Keeps Going On And Off

Does your heat pump keep going on and off? It may be experiencing what is known as short cycling. This issue occurs when your heat pump has a malfunctioning compressor or a short-circuiting thermostat. It isn’t normal.

If your heat pump is short-cycling, turn it off immediately and contact a professional.

Your Heat Pump Doesn’t Heat or Cool Your Home

A heat pump’s ability to both cool and warm a home is one of its best qualities. When it has trouble doing either, then this means that there is a problem with the reversing valve. This issue is a common problem but if it goes unchecked, it could damage your heat pump beyond repair.

Your Electricity Bill is Higher than Usual

Has your electricity bill suddenly and inexplicably gotten higher? Then amongst the many things you would consider, your heat pump should get priority.

Heat pumps are known for being efficient appliances that are great at conserving energy. If your heat pump is consuming more energy than it should, then it is damaged in some way. The main causes of this kind of damage are a damaged coil or grounded wire.

Your Heat Pump has an Unpleasant Smell

Apart from loud buzzing and hissing, another form of pollution you shouldn’t be getting from your heat pump is air pollution. Foul smells from your heat pump indicate damage. Any burning smell is an urgent concern.

If you want to save your heat pump, do not hesitate to find a professional to do some repairs!

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