When you think about it, solar air conditioning is a genius idea: You need air conditioning the most when the Texas sun is beating down on you—so why not harness that brutal sun energy and make it provide you with cooling power? Solar energy can give you superb air conditioning while saving you money since the power of the sun is free: no energy to burn, and minimal electrical power to operate. You can see why more and more people have turned to solar AC to keep them cool.

But solar air conditioning can develop problems, the same as any system that uses advanced technology. Even with the best care, you will eventually need solar air conditioning repair in Canyon Lake, TX. When that time arrives, call up Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating. We install, maintain, and repair solar air conditioners, and we want to help you get the most from yours.

Here are some frequent problems we see with solar air conditioners:

  • Weather damage: Since the PV (photovoltaic) panels of the system must be outside and exposed to the sky, they can suffer damage from rain, hail, and high winds. Some of the panels may need replacement to restore the system to its proper power. Another major issue that weather can cause to the panel is oxidation which creates rust and corrosion. This can create electrical resistance in the panels and lead to overheated connections.
  • Poor placement and angling: This is something we see too often with amateur installations. Just putting the PV panels on the roof and facing them upwards doesn’t mean the system will extract the necessary power from the sun to work. If you don’t seem to get the heating efficiency you expect from your solar AC, poor installation might lie behind it.
  • Improper voltage leading to outages: You need to know the voltage consumption of your solar panels, and this is another reason that having professional installers do the work is so crucial. You don’t want your house to lose its electrical power because the panels draw too much power to perform their job.

Make sure that solar-powered air conditioning is right for your home before you settle on installation. Contact an experienced company like Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating to do the work so you can avoid repair needs in the future. But should you ever need air conditioning services in Canyon Lake, TX for your solar air conditioner, we are available 24 hours a day to help you.

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