You may have seen us in the past mention in our blog that you should change your air filter. Perhaps you believe this is because a dirty air filter contaminates the air, and that’s why we tell you to clean or replace yours every 1-3 months. It’s an understandable assumption, but not a correct one.

The air filter of your HVAC system is there to more than prevent allergens from entering your indoor airflow. It blocks particles and contaminants from damaging the inside of your HVAC system by pummeling it or jamming the fan. But when an air filter is too dirty, it can do just as much damage. When damage does occur, you can count on our team for professional air conditioning services in San Antonio, TX. But in the meantime, please keep reading to learn how a dirty air filter does impact your air conditioner.

You’ll Be Less Comfortable

Sure, your air filter may seem like a small component within your home comfort system—and physically, it is. But this can be deceiving. The air filter is what stands between the intake air and your HVAC system—so a clogged filter will prevent air from circulating through the vents.

In other words, you will not have enough air making its way into your home to keep cool or warm. When you have uneven temperatures throughout your home, or if the temperature doesn’t seem to match your thermostat, a clogged air filter can certainly be the culprit. And this is just the start of what a dirty air filter can do.

Your AC System May Leak

Cooling systems function by absorbing heat from the air in your home. As the refrigerant evaporates in the indoor evaporator coil, it’s able to absorb heat from air blowing over the coil. However, when the air filter is clogged, warm air is limited and it can cause the coil to freeze

As this ice thaws out, water can leak into your home, causing significant property damage. A frozen coil is a sure sign of a problem, and it can be due to other issues within the AC system—not just a dirty air filter. So if you notice the problem, be sure to call a professional. Attempting to remove the ice on your own can damage the system further, and won’t resolve whatever caused the problem to begin with.

Your Energy Bills Can Go Up

The blower fan in your HVAC system has to work that much harder to try to bring in the right amount of air when a dirty air filter blocks airflow. Changing the filter regularly is one of the easiest ways to lower your monthly utility bills, or at least maintain them.

It Can Cause AC Damage

Your air conditioner was designed to take in a certain amount of air each time it cycles. When airflow suffers, the components of your AC system have to work a lot harder for the system to do its job. This means you can expect a lot of undue wear and tear, which could shorten your system’s lifespan or at least cause a need for costly repairs.

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