There probably isn’t a homeowner in the country today who doesn’t want some easy way of saving energy in their homes, and thus saving money. We all look for methods of energy savings—but unfortunately, many individuals think the only way to truly save energy is to just not use their appliances as much. Unfortunately, when you live somewhere as warm as San Antonio is for the majority of the year, this isn’t exactly doable! And it doesn’t need to be.

Heating and Cooling

Don’t avoid using your HVAC systems just because you want to save a few bucks. Instead, learn to use them more efficiently. For example, did you know your ceiling fan can help you turn up your AC system by as much as 10 degrees?

While ceiling fans don’t lower temperature themselves, they circulate the air enough that your AC doesn’t have to work as hard, and therefore will cost you less to run. And in the winter—albeit briefly—you can switch the direction of your fan blades to help your heating system do the same.

How Humidity Impacts These Systems

Humidity is another biggy. Your air conditioner does have some dehumidifying properties, but not nearly enough to adequately get rid of the excess moisture that can be present in your home. Therefore, if it’s too humid, your AC has to work too hard to do its job. It will work a lot more efficiently and affordably if you add a whole-home dehumidifier to your living space.

Don’t Forget About Maintenance!

Of course, none of the above matters if you don’t take care of your appliances. Annual maintenance is necessary to keep your heating and cooling systems in top working condition. During maintenance, our technicians fully inspect, clean, and adjust your systems to make sure they work as effectively as possible for as long as possible.

For more great energy-saving advice for your home, contact the San Antonio, TX heating and cooling experts at Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating today!

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