If you’ve been a resident in San Antonio for even one summer, you know that spring isn’t a season here. Spring doesn’t abide by the rules like it does in other areas of the country—those “April showers” and mild temperatures that others are so accustomed to don’t occur as often in Texas. Even when they do, they quickly descend into the blanketing heat of Texas summer.

If you’ve had an AC upgrade on your mind for a while, now is the best time to act. If you begin your air conditioning construction now, everything will be squared away by the time the intense heat of summer rolls in. If you’re considering solar air conditioning in San Antonio, TX then make sure that you contact our team for assistance.

Solar Air Conditioning 101: Everything You Need to Know

So if you’re considering going solar and you’ve done a little research on these systems, you’ve probably realized how complicated the whole process is. We’re here today to simplify it. We offer two types of solar air conditioning services:

Photovoltaic Panels

This type of solar air conditioner works just like a standard air conditioner or a heat pump. It has an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. What’s different about this system is that it draws its electrical power from the panels installed on your roof. If you opt for this type of solar-powered system to run your air conditioner then you can also use it to power other appliances in your home. The photovoltaic systems that we offer are hybrid, meaning that they have a backup battery with 12-14 hours of cooling power to cool your home off on those summer hot summer days.

Evaporative Coolers

You’ve probably heard of an evaporative cooler referred to as a “swamp cooler.” We offer these alternative indoor cooling systems with the option of solar power!

Both are viable options, but the ultimate decision that you’re going to make for your home should always be a decision that comes down to the structure of your home and the personal cooling preferences of you and your family.

Yes, It’s a Little More Expensive but It’s Worth It!

One thing that deters many homeowners from going solar is the cost of installation. Yes, solar-powered cooling is a little more expensive than other methods of cooling that you’re accustomed to, but trust us, it’s worth it in the long run. The average home can save 80% on cooling costs with a solar air conditioning system. That type of saving is nothing to scoff at! If you’re wondering if a solar energy system is right for your home then contact our team. We encourage all homeowners to utilize the sun as a clean and renewable resource but also acknowledge that this type of cooling isn’t feasible for everyone. Make sure you contact our team if you want an honest assessment of your home.

Spring is the time to upgrade your air conditioner. If you’re ready to make the switch to something not only better for your home, but also better for the environment then make sure to get in touch with our technicians. You can contact Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating today to schedule an appointment.

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