High humidity is an issue that is frequently discussed, with people complaining about feeling hot and sticky due to moisture in the air. When the weather reports warn of high humidity levels, it means that the air outside holds a large amount of water vapor. When the air holds all of the water vapor it can, humidity is at 100%, and people generally describe feeling most comfortable at around 30-50%. When humidity is high, your body cannot properly evaporate sweat which is why it feels even warmer than the thermostat claims.

But in the winter, low humidity in the home can be just as serious a problem. With too little humidity in the air, you may notice a range of problems from damaged furniture to a dry, scratchy throat. A humidifier can help to improve conditions in your home when used in conjunction with an HVAC system.

At Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating, we offer professional installation, maintenance, and repairs for humidifiers in San Antonio, TX.

What Humidifiers Do for Your Home

  • Keep you from frequently reapplying lotions and balms. Dry air in the house can lead to dry skin and chapped lips, and you may find yourself frequently running to the store for moisturizing lotion and lip balms. A whole-home humidifier puts enough moisture back into the air to protect your skin and mucus membranes.
  • Help family members recover from illness quickly. When mucus membranes like the nose and throat are dried out, it takes a little longer for you to get over a cold or flu. Viruses are more likely to develop and spread in dry environments, plus your cold symptoms may be exaggerated as your throat feels scratchy and your nose is more stuffy.
  • Protect the furniture, walls, and paint. With extreme levels of low humidity, the walls can crack, and paint can peel due to the dryness in the air. It can also have an impact on wood furniture and floors.

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