Ductless air conditioners have been around for quite some time, particularly in commercial properties, but their benefits have carried them into the residential market, making a ductless air conditioning system a great option for many people. Have you been thinking about installing ductless air conditioning in your New Braunfels property? Let us tell you some of the ways a ductless system can potentially save you some money. Our technicians have been offering AC services in New Braunfels for many years, and we’d be happy to stop by for an in-home consultation. This will help us evaluate how much money you could save by updating to a ductless AC system.

Saving Money with Ductless Air Conditioners

Ductless air conditioners have some benefits you won’t find with a traditional split-system AC, which may make a ductless air conditioning system in your New Braunfels property a good choice for your summer cooling:

  • No need for ductwork – as you can tell from the name, there is no need to install ductwork for a ductless air conditioner. This is because the system uses individual air blowers to distribute the air room by room. Even if you have a ducted air conditioning system, a ductless air conditioner is an option to consider if you expand your property and don’t want the added cost of installing new ductwork.
  • Zone control – the distribution of cool air through a ductless system automatically gives you zone control. Why? Each indoor blower operates independently and is also programmable. This allows you to cool only the spaces you want to be cooled at the temperature you want.
  • Better efficiency – there are 2 ways a ductless air conditioner can be more energy efficient than a ducted one: first, as mentioned above, the system is automatically zoned. By controlling how much air conditioning you use, and when, you can cut down on your overall energy use. Second, there are no ducts through which to lose cool air. Ductwork that has holes, cracks, or broken seals can lose up to 30% of its air; having no ducts eliminates ever experiencing this problem.
  • Flexibility – the indoor air blowers are quite small in size – about a ½ foot – and about 2 inches deep. They fit easily into small spaces, most commonly above doorways; they can also hang from ceilings or be free-standing. This type of flexibility allows for cooling in rooms that may be difficult to cool with ducted or window air conditioners. It also is a great option for houses that have challenging architecture, such as vaulted ceilings.
  • They are quiet – the indoor unit of a ductless air conditioner is very quiet, much quieter than a window unit; the most noise a ductless system makes is a low hum.

Talk to a Professional About Ductless Air Conditioning

The best way to determine if ductless air conditioning for your New Braunfels property is a good fit is to speak with your Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating specialist.

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