Your home air conditioning and heating system may be the most efficient system available on the market today, but it can still fail to do its job without proper conditions in the home. Your heater or AC works at its best when the home is sealed tightly and properly insulated. Insulation provides a barrier through which heat cannot easily move so that extra heat does not enter your home in the summer or leave your home in the winter. However, a majority of homeowners have poorly installed insulation, no insulation, or air leaks throughout the house, meaning their air conditioning or heating system works much harder than it has to. In this case, it’s best to call in experts for professional air sealing, to help protect your bills and keep your HVAC system running as it should for years to come.

Signs You Need Professional Service

  • Drafty areas in the home: Are there areas of the house that just never quite seem to heat up or cool down? Drafts around the home indicate poor sealing, air leaks, or a lack of insulation in that area. However, only a professional has the expertise to tell which type of service is best to correct the issue.
  • High energy bills: High energy bills are one of the most common reasons homeowners call for air sealing, as this can indicate that your home’s comfort system is running for much longer than it needs to. When your home is not sealed tight, the AC or heater must work a lot harder, causing your bills to soar.
  • A struggling heating or air conditioning system: Furthermore, your HVAC system may begin to struggle when there are too many air leaks, as it could become overworked, leading to worn-down parts and a failing system.

When you call a professional to your home for air sealing services, they will first test your home using a variety of tests that help determine where air or heat may be leaking or escaping and anywhere that there is insufficient insulation. You may need to seal up windows or doors or you may need to choose from the various types of insulation that can be retrofitted to the home.

At Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating, we’ll help you determine the right service for your home, and make sure your new setup helps you to save money over time.

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