How often have you hopped on the internet to do a quick search on something that doesn’t sound quite right to you? Whether it’s news or something less important, you probably feel a little sense of pride when you discover you were, in fact, right.

But what about when the internet leads you wrong? We believe the World Wide Web can be an amazing resource, leading you to online videos that help you do DIY crafts in your home and even very small and minor remodeling projects. It can also, however, lead a homeowner to be a little too confident in how they care for—or rather how they neglect caring for—their HVAC systems.

Keep reading for some common myths, and our rebuttals, in regards to HVAC care.

Myth #1: Your Air Conditioner Doesn’t Need Maintenance If Nothing Is Wrong

First off, an air conditioner can seem like it’s operating just fine, but that doesn’t mean it is. One of the jobs of air conditioning maintenance is to discover hidden problems developing in the system, so they can be managed before they become worse.

Maintenance also fends off problems from developing to begin with, thanks to any component adjustments that might be needed, as well as the thorough cleaning the air conditioner goes through. All reputable HVAC professionals recommend that AC systems receive maintenance at least once a year—twice a year if you have a heat pump system. Typically, the beginning of spring (before you start using your system consistently) is the best time to schedule this service, but there’s no bad time—unless your cooling system breaks down entirely!

Myth #2: Refrigerant Is Something That Needs to Be Topped Off

Many homeowners believe—and unfortunately, inexperienced or dishonest service professionals may have led them to believe—that refrigerant is something that depletes from an air conditioner, much like gasoline does from a car.

On the contrary, however. Your air conditioner is supplied with enough refrigerant when it is installed that it should last the system’s entire lifespan. This is because refrigerant is not an energy source, like gas. Rather, it is a heat transference medium, which goes through a process of absorbing and releasing heat that does not dissipate.

Myth #3: Closing Vents in Unoccupied Rooms Saves Money

Nope—just because room vents can be closed doesn’t mean they should be, at least, not repeatedly or regularly. Closing these vents can lead to various issues, and it does nothing for you as far as saving energy goes.

Your air conditioner’s compressor and fans will still do the same amount of work, regardless of whether or not you have vents closed. They might end up having to work even harder due to the increase in the pressure of the ventilation system from the closed vents.

If you want this type of zoned control cooling, we recommend looking into a ductless system as your next HVAC installation!

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