If someone were to ask you, “What’s the most important part of your air conditioning unit?” Your answer might be something along the lines of the electrical connections, the blower, or maybe even the vents. These are all important parts of your air conditioning system, but the most important part by far is your refrigerant lines.

Your refrigerant is the lifeblood of your air conditioning system. It might not even be a part of your air conditioning system that you’re aware of and that’s why we want to bring it to your attention today. You can trust our team of professionals for all your needs and knowledge of every HVAC service in San Antonio, TX.

What’s Refrigerant?

Let’s start at square one here. What is refrigerant exactly? Well, refrigerant is the liquid that’s used to cool your home’s air. You can think of your air conditioner’s refrigerant as the errand runner of the unit. It moves back and forth between the indoor and outdoor units of your air conditioner to cool off the air in your home.

Your refrigerant works in conjunction with your evaporator coil to evaporate the refrigerant. The refrigerant must be evaporated so that it can absorb the heat in your surrounding air. If your air conditioner doesn’t have the proper amount of refrigerant, you’ll notice a significant drop off in your home’s cooling power. If your air conditioner has no refrigerant, your air conditioner won’t be able to cool your home at all.

“I Need My Refrigerant Topped Off”

Unfortunately, after homeowners who know absolutely nothing about their refrigerant, the next group of homeowners we meet are homeowners who are dismally misinformed about refrigerant. Refrigerant isn’t what powers your home’s air conditioner. Since this isn’t the fuel source of your system, your refrigerant should never “run out” or need to be “topped off.” A healthy air conditioning system always has a consistent and reliable amount of refrigerant available to cool your home. If you think that you’re low on refrigerant, what you’re experiencing is a leak. Make sure that you contact our professionals because some HVAC teams will just give you the temporary fix of a “top-off.” Our team is different. We’ll make sure that we repair your refrigerant line so that you never run into a problem like this again.

Yes, You Need a Professional Team

Don’t let the prospect of saving a few bucks fool you, you need a professional team for all your air conditioning services. We’re nearing the end of summer and this Texas heat is no joke. You don’t want to try to cut corners by hiring an amateur just to find that you’re back at square one with a shoddy air conditioning repair job. We’re the team that’s going to make sure that you get the best possible service for the lowest possible price. Don’t undervalue the importance of your air conditioner–choose our team of certified professionals.

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