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Preventative Maintenance Agreement

We will provide the following service as part of the checkup on your central air system.



  1. Check air filter, wash if permanent type.
  2. Check thermostat, calibrate if needed.
  3. Check indoor blower, adjust belts if applicable.
  4. Check indoor cooling coil.
  5. Check condensate drain line, flush if needed.
  6. Check blower motor, oil if needed.
  7. Digitally inspect Freon levels
  8. Check electrical wiring, low and high voltage.
  9. Wash outdoor condenser coil.
  10. Check outdoor fan motor, oil if needed.
  11. Check compressor AMP draws and operation.
  12. Check system operation and efficiency.
  13. Make any recommendations needed to improve performance of system.
  14. Chemically clean outside unit.
  15. Clean out all obstructing dirt and debris.
  16. Clean electrical compartment.
  17. Repair and loose wires at unit.
  18. Visually inspect air ducts.
  19. Treat filter with anti–microbial spray.


  1. Check Furnace area for gas leaks.
  2. Check air filter, wash permanent filters.
  3. Check thermostat and low voltage wiring.
  4. Check pilot operation.
  5. Check burners and heat exchanger.
  6. Check flu (pipe and fittings).
  7. Check all safety controls.
  8. Check safety and operation of system.
  9. Check for carbon monoxide.
  10. Video inspection of your unit. (Regular Price $80.00)
  11. Check electrical connections to insure durability with heat function.
  12. Check for cleanliness.
  13. Vacuum return gas grills.
  14. Disinfect the air ducts with anti–microbial spray to impede mold growth.
  15. Heat limit safety test.
  16. Check power cord and power supply.
  17. Check the indoor blower motor.
  18. Check the indoor capacitor.
  19. Air duct inspection. (Regular Price $150.00)
  20. Check Freon levels and add up to one pound if necessary. (Heat Pump System)
  21. Check compressor. (Heat Pump System)
  22. Check outdoor fan motor. (Heat Pump System)
  23. Check outdoor fan capacitor. (Heat Pump System)
  24. Check the compressor start capacitor.
  25. Rinse condenser coil. (Heat Pump System)
  26. Check the outdoor power supply.

$179.50 for homes with one system

179.50 for homes with ONE (1) system, $49.95 for each additional system.


  • 1 Air Conditioner Tune–up Regular Price (Regular Price $79.95)
  • 1 Heating Tune–up Safety Check Gas, Electrical and Heat Pump Units (Regular Price $79.95)
  • Duct Inspection
  • One FREE Emergency Call (Regular Price $79.95)
  • No After-Hours or Weekend Fees (Regular Price $89.95)
  • 10% Discount on Parts and Equipment
  • PRIORITY Scheduling

Over $500 Value

  • Customer is responsible to call in for preventative maintenance before expiration of contract.
  • There is no warranty on cleaning, adding Freon, and water leaks due to flushing drains, or other such work that is not classified as repairs. The service contract is NOT a warranty.