One HVAC system in particular has been rising in popularity in recent years, as an efficient system to provide comfort for homes. These systems are particularly suited to climates such as ours—hot summers but mild winters. That is the heat pump system.

Heat pumps work similar to traditional air conditioning systems in that they move heat from one place to another. An air conditioner moves heat from indoors and exhausts it outdoors, but a heat pump has a component called a reversing valve that can switch this direction of heat exchange. So with a single adjustment to your thermostat, you can make a heat pump work as a heating system as well as an air conditioner.

Examining the Benefits

As mentioned above, the function of a heat pump allows you to use it as both a cooling and a heating system, depending on the time of year. This means that you get year-round comfort from one system, rather than needing to maintain and manage two separate systems. This is especially beneficial if you’ve found yourself in need of a new cooling unit and a new furnace at the same time.

Save Energy

Heat pumps are typically less expensive to run than other heating systems, such as electric furnaces. The reason for this is that instead of using energy to create heat, heat pumps use energy to run electrical components that move heat. Switching from a furnace to a heat pump can save you a substantial amount of money in the long run with how much energy it will save you.


Today’s natural gas heaters are designed with safety in mind and are far more reliable and safe than even a decade ago. However, there is no way to eliminate the dangers that come with using natural gas, and for that reason alone you may feel better about using an electrically powered heat pump.

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