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San Antonio Air Conditioning Installation and Replacement

If you’re online scouring the Internet for “air conditioning installation near me,” then there’s a pretty big chance that you’re starting fresh with a brand new home and a brand new AC unit, or you’re replacing an air conditioner that’s about to give out. Either way—this is an exciting moment in anyone’s life, but that excitement can easily give way to stress. We’re here to take over so that this doesn’t happen.

Our Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating professionals specialize in installation work of all kinds along with central air conditioning replacement, ductless AC replacement, and heat pump replacement too. We know that you’re ultimate goal here in to stay cool. That can prove to be quite a task in San Antonio. We’re here to help you to the finish line. You can trust our professionals to care for your home.

Contact us for AC installation. Serving San Antonio for over 25 years.


Central Air Conditioning Installation

Central air conditioners are some of the most common air conditioners here in San Antonio and across the country for a reason—they’re reliable, efficient, and effective. If you grew up in a home with air conditioning, then it’s likely that this air conditioner was a central air conditioning unit. Central air conditioners utilize the ductwork that’s common across home’s in San Antonio.

Central air conditioners are common, but this doesn’t mean that they’re easy to work on by any means. You’re still going to need professional care. Call us when you’re looking for central AC installation or central AC replacement. We’ll provide you with the best of the best.

Ductless AC Installation

Maybe you’re one of the homeowners here who doesn’t have a home with reliable ductwork. Maybe you’re someone who has come to the realization that ductwork doesn’t fit your lifestyle or your heating needs. No matter what’s going on, ductless air conditioning can be the solution.

If you’re searching high and low for reliable ductless AC installation or ductless AC replacement services, you can find them with our team. A ductless AC is often boasted as a simple, streamlined installation process. This is true. It doesn’t mean that you can perform it on your own though. Any air conditioning equipment is complex. This means that you’re going to need professional care to ensure that your investment in this system is worthwhile. We’ll help your AC system reach its full potential. Trust us for your air conditioning service needs.

Heat Pump Installation

We’re here when you want to install your home’s heat pump too. Heat pumps are great if you’re trying to take an eco-friendly and energy-efficient approach to cooling your home. We’re sure that you know this if you’re interested in installing one of these systems. Did you know that your heat pump won’t exhibit any of these admirable qualities if it doesn’t have the right AC installation service though?

That’s right—poor AC installation service can actually ruin an AC system. That’s why it’s imperative for you to schedule an appointment with our professionals. We’re going to help your heat pump reach its full potential.