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AC Repair in San Antonio, TX

Your air conditioner is normally your favorite ally against the heat of a San Antonio summer. This summer it’s become your arch nemesis. It’s making weird noises, running in odd cycles, and causing energy bills that are so astronomical that they take your breath away.

You know something is up, so you’ve hit the Internet to search for “AC repair in San Antonio, TX.” You don’t want just any air conditioning repair service. You want home air conditioning service that’s really going to solve the issue. That’s where Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating comes in. We’re a team of qualified professionals that know our stuff. On top of this, we’ve worked in the area for over two decades. We have the experience to get your home’s AC back on the right track. Call us when you need great work.

Need AC repair in San Antonio, TX? Contact us. We've been serving San Antonio for over 25 years!


Central Air Conditioning Repair

Central air conditioners are known for being reliable. This doesn’t mean that they’re infallible though. If you notice that your home’s central air conditioner is acting a little funny, it’s time for you to give us a ring. Your home’s central air conditioner shouldn’t develop new quirks as the summer goes on. If there are any "new" characteristics that your central air conditioner is showing, then it’s time to fix them.

You can’t wait out a central air conditioning problem. We know you might think that you can wait out an air conditioning issue—summer is only three months after all, right? Yes, but San Antonio summers are a special type of hot. Your air conditioner is under pressure and if it has problems then it’s going to need help.

Ductless AC Repair

Your ductless air conditioning system can run into its fair share of problems too. We find that homeowners underestimate their ductless air conditioning systems. Just because these air conditioning systems are touted as a great solution of shoddy ductwork, easy to install, simple to run, and energy efficient, doesn’t mean that you can just disregard this system. It still needs the right care when it runs into trouble.

We’re here to provide you with great ductless air conditioning care when you need it. We’re going to make it all easy for you. We’ll get in, assess the problem you’re having, and eliminate the problem with ease. We’re not here to give you the runaround—we only want to give you quality service.

Heat Pump Repair

Are you looking for great heat pump repair work? We know that on most days your heat pump is a reliable system that you can turn to when the temperatures are hot. If the heat of this year’s San Antonio temperatures has gotten the best of your heat pump, then you’re going to need the help of our air conditioning technicians.

We’re going to make your heat pump repair easy. We believe in honest, simple work. We’re never going to try to upsell you into anything if it’s not what you need. We want you to have exactly what you need to keep your home cool.