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Heat Pumps in San Antonio, TX

Here at Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating, we like to say that we offer big city service with small town pricing. That’s because we’re the kind of team that you really get to know, with friendly and experienced technicians who feel like your neighbors and friends. But you don’t miss out on professional quality ehating and cooling services that you can rely on.

Why do homeowners in San Antonio, TX have to choose between funny and friendly technicians, and high-quality service? You don’t when you call us. We serve this beautiful area with an impeccable reputation, providing comprehensive heat pump installations, repairs, maintenance, and replacements for homeowners with heating systems. We’re available 24/7 and we never lie to customers, period.

Honest opinions and hardwork, that’s what you get when you call Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our professional technicians!


Heat Pump Installation

Heat pumps utilize refrigerant to keep a home comfortable all year round in San Antonio, TX. They’re both heating and cooling systems! From a boiling hot summer to a chilly winter night, your heat pump should have all of the necessary equipment to keep your home whatever temperature is specified on your thermostat. Well, you’ll only really get this kind of result with professional heat pump installation. Without the help of trained pros, all bets are off.

Our team specializes in being well trained and friendly. While other technicians might tout some serious credentials, if they don’t put their money where their mouth is, then their credentials are as good as dirt. Our team talks the talk and walks the walk when it comes to heat pumps. Call us to have your system set up appropriately for the lowest cost possible.

Heat Pump Replacement

How do you know if your heat pump system needs to be replaced? It’s a complicated situation, and here are just a few signs that point to heat pump replacement. Keep in mind that our team can help you decide in the moment, you just need to call us and tell us about your system.

  • Frequent, yearly repairs.

  • Constantly leaking refrigerant.

  • Over 10 years old.

  • It’s not keeping your home comfortable.

  • It’s improperly set up.

Let’s face it, nobody wants to invest in heat pump replacement services unless they’re absolutely warranted. A heat pump replacement after all can be one of the most expensive investments out of all the HVAC equipment you pay for. Make sure you’re making a cost-effective and long-term solution when you talk to our San Antonio, TX experts about heat pump services like replacement.

Heat Pump Repair

Replacement and installations aside, some homeowners just need a quick fix. If your heat pump has been struggling, but it’s either not old enough to be replaced, or the problems are nowhere near the level of needing a whole system overhaul, then call us for heat pump repair.

We’ll even give you the details of our maintenance plan so you can determine whether signing up for our heat pump maintenance program is a good idea. This will almost always reduce the amount of repairs your system would need and improve the comfort output that comes from the unit. Call our San Antonio, TX office to invest in heat pump services today.