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San Antonio, TX Air Cleaner Products and Services by Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating

At Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating, we believe that our customers deserve to enjoy complete comfort in their homes. We know that in order to do so they need more than just comfortable temperatures. The quality of the air that you breathe in your home will have just as much impact on your overall comfort as the temperature within your home. If airborne pollutants have conspired to reduce indoor air quality in your home, just give us a call. One of our indoor air quality specialists will gladly discuss your air cleaner products and service options. With our help you can achieve the level of indoor air quality you’ve dreamed of.

The San Antonio, TX air cleaner experts at Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating offer quality installation, replacement and repair services throughout the San Antonio area.

Understanding Your Air Filtration Options

Of all the methods of improving indoor air quality, few are as basic as simply filtering airborne pollutants out of the air that you breathe. As we all know, sometimes the simplest solutions to a problem are among the most effective. This is certainly the case with air filters. In order to get the best performance possible from an air filter in your HVAC system, though, it is important that you understand some basic information about your air filter options. If you have any questions about finding the air filter most appropriate for your system, contact the San Antonio, TX air filter professionals at Cowboys AC today for more information.

The right air filter for your HVAC system will depend on how efficiently it operates. The efficiency of an air filter is measured with a MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value). The higher the MERV, the more efficiently an air filter will operate. While there is an air filter in your HVAC system, this factory installed filter is not really designed to boost indoor air quality, as it will most likely have a low MERV. Its primary function is to protect the condition of your HVAC equipment. A more efficient air filter installed in your ductwork will help to keep airborne pollutants from making their way throughout your home.

It is important that you contact an air filter professional, as choosing the wrong air filter will lead to various problems. If your filter is not efficient enough it will allow pollutants to pass through. If it is too efficient, though, it will create too much airflow resistance in your system, which can lead to inefficient operation or system damages.

Air Cleaner Systems

For a more advanced approach to improving indoor air quality, consider the installation of an electronic air cleaner. With the services offered by our San Antonio, TX air cleaner installation professionals you can use a static charge to remove pollutants from the air that you breathe. Contact us today for more details or to schedule service.

While there are a few different types of electronic air cleaners, the basic operation is the same. Electricity is used to give airborne pollutants and electrical charge within the system. The charge then causes them to adhere to a collector plate which can be cleaned off or, alternatively, to simply cling to the walls and surfaces of a room. Either way, these pollutants are removed from circulation throughout your home. To learn more, call Cowboys AC.

For Air Cleaner Installation and Services Call Cowboys AC

Cowboys AC is the company you can count on to boost indoor air quality in your home. Contact us today to learn more. Our air cleaner and air filter services can help you breathe better air in a cleaner living environment.