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Duct Repair and Replacement in San Antonio, TX

Are the air ducts in your home in the best condition possible? If not, you may have a big problem on your hands. When properly installed and maintained, ductwork is an efficient and effective way of distributing heated and cooled air throughout your home. Many homeowners, though, fail to realize that their air ducts are actually allowing conditioned air to escape or that their ductwork system is poorly designed. Both cases can result in serious efficiency problems. If you think that your air ducts may be to blame for high heating and cooling costs, give Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating a call. Our San Antonio, TX duct repair and replacement technicians can help you keep your home comfortable with great efficiency.

The San Antonio, TX duct repair experts at Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating offer quality installation, replacement and repair services throughout the San Antonio area. Contact us today for an appointment!


Spotting the Need for Duct Repair Service

While most of your ductwork system is hidden from view behind your walls and beneath your floors, there are many warning signs that may alert you to a need for professional duct repair service. You just need to know what it is that you’re looking for. Here are a few of the common signs that you may have damaged air ducts in need of repair.

One indicator that you may have a problem with your ductwork is if you notice unusually high heating and cooling costs. If you do not make any major changes to your heating and cooling habits then there really is no reason that you should see a significant increase in the amount you pay to heat and cool your home. Damaged, leaking air ducts may be to blame.

Because different sections of your ductwork service different areas of your home, a problem with a specific section of your ductwork may result in certain areas of your home never getting quite as comfortable as the rest. If you have rooms in your home that are difficult to heat or cool effectively, damaged air ducts could be the cause. If you have any reason to believe that you are in need of professional duct repair services, contact Cowboys AC right away.

When to Consider Duct Replacement

Repair is not always your best option when it comes to your ductwork system. There are many instances in which replacing part of your ductwork, or your entire system, may be your best course of action. Call the San Antonio, TX duct replacement professionals on our team to learn more. We’ll thoroughly inspect your system to determine if a duct replacement is the right choice for your home.

One major reason to consider duct replacement, as opposed to simply repairing a problem with your ductwork, is if the system was poorly designed and installed to begin with. Even if there is no problem with the condition of your air ducts, after all, there is no way to get the outstanding performance you need from your ductwork if it was not installed and designed correctly. Twists and turns or dead ends in your duct system can cause your HVAC equipment to work harder than it should have to. This will lead to higher heating and cooling costs and could potentially damage your system.

For Duct Repair and Replacement, Call Cowboys AC

Cowboys AC is the company you can rely on for truly outstanding service and workmanship. Let us help you keep your home comfortable with the complete confidence that you deserve. Don’t wait for minor issues to turn into larger problems, and make sure you use a professional to repair any holes in your ducting. Call today to speak with one of our San Antonio, TX duct repair and replacement technicians. We can handle all your indoor air quality needs!