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San Antonio, TX UV Germicidal Light Services by Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating

While air filtration is a great way to reduce the amount of airborne pollutants in your home, not all indoor air quality issues can be resolved this way. Biological pollutants in particular need to be dealt with differently in order to remove them and prevent the problems that they can lead to. If you have any concerns about the presence of biological pollutants, including mold, viruses and bacteria, in your home, contact Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating today. We have the solutions you need to ensure that you are breathing the cleanest, purest air possible. A UV light installation can help to clean up your air ducts to boost indoor air quality.

The San Antonio, TX UV germicidal light experts at Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating offer quality installation, replacement and repair services throughout the San Antonio area. Contact us today for an appointment!


What are UV Germicidal Lights?

The cool, dark environment within your air ducts unfortunately makes them a common breeding ground for biological pollutants. Such contaminants cannot be effectively removed from the air that you breathe with conventional air filtration techniques. That is why a UV germicidal light system may be necessary in your home. Contact Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating to get the UV germicidal light services you need to combat biological pollutants.

By utilizing small, safe amount of UV (ultraviolet) radiation, UV germicidal lights are able to target and destroy biological pollutants contaminating your air ducts system. These innovative devices can help you enjoy cleaner, purer air in your home. Call now to learn more.

San Antonio, TX UV Germicidal Light Installation and Replacement

UV germicidal lights are actually very simple devices, but they must be installed by a qualified professional to ensure that they operate properly. There is no way that a nonprofessional can be expected to properly install your UV germicidal lights for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Call us today to schedule your professional UV germicidal light installation.

While UV germicidal lights have very minimal service needs, they can burn out eventually. If you have a broken or burnt out UV germicidal light, let our San Antonio, TX UV germicidal light replacement technicians handle the replacement service. We’ll make sure that you have the fully function system you need to effectively destroy biological pollutants in your ductwork.

San Antonio, TX UV Germicidal Light Repair and Maintenance

Do not let malfunctioning or broken UV germicidal lights allow biological pollutants to bring down the quality of the air that you breathe. Call Cowboys AC to handle your UV germicidal light repair services. We will have your system working at maximum performance levels again as soon as possible.

Your UV germicidal lights may not have many service needs, but it is important that the system is regularly inspected and maintained to continue functioning properly. We are the company to call for UV germicidal light maintenance service. Let us know if you have any UV germicidal light service needs.

Contact Cowboys AC for UV Germicidal Light Services

Do not let a poor installation or subpar repair services hinder the effective operation of your UV germicidal lights. Call Cowboys AC today to get the services your UV germicidal lights need to succeed. Our San Antonio, TX UV germicidal light technicians will help you live in greater comfort and in a healthier environment.