You clean your home and make an effort to prioritize healthy choices for your family. For some, this means healthy eating, and for others, this means reducing chemicals. But what about indoor air quality? Even though you can’t always smell them, pollutants are likely in the air you breathe when you’re at home. Many allergens and contaminants can cause health complications and even infections.

The good news is that you can be aware of signs that your indoor air quality isn’t great. If you have questions about your indoor air quality in San Antonio, TX, our team can help. We can test your air quality so you know exactly what contaminants are present and then offer tips for how to keep the air inside your home clean all year long.

Signs of Poor Indoor Air Quality

  • Persistent cough – If you have a cough that just won’t go away, your air quality could be to blame. Indoor air that’s loaded with contaminants can irritate your lungs and lead to a persistent cough that you can’t explain.
  • Congestion – The same particles that irritate your lungs can also irritate your sinuses, leading to an inflammatory response. Your throat and sinuses may swell, and you may notice an increased mucus production.
  • Allergies and sneezing – If you have allergy-like symptoms, you may be able to blame poor air quality. Airborne allergens can cause your eyes to water and your throat to feel irritated.
  • Dry skin – Poor air quality is often dry and can reduce the amount of moisture in your skin. Without natural oils, your skin is more prone to damage that leads to dryness and itching.
  • Headaches – Maybe you have a faint headache that just doesn’t go away, or maybe you have more frequent headaches than you’re used to. Air contaminants that come from pesticides and household cleaners can lead to headaches if they aren’t effectively filtered from the air.
  • Inability to sleep – Air pollution can deregulate your body, leading to an inability to fall asleep or stay asleep. A lack of sleep can amplify other symptoms listed above because your immune system gets compromised without sufficient rest.

Improving Your Home’s Air Quality

If any of the above signs sound familiar, your indoor air quality may be to blame. There are several ways you can improve your indoor air quality quickly:

  • Use an air purifier – This type of device reduces the number of allergens and contaminants in the air you breathe. Keep in mind that different purifiers have different ratings based on the number of pollutants they can filter.
  • Schedule an air duct inspection – Your air duct system collects dust over time that can recirculate into your home. By cleaning your air ducts you reduce the number of contaminants in your air.
  • Balance humidity – Too much moisture in the air leads to mold and mildew. Too little moisture leaves the air dry. You can invest in a humidifier or dehumidifier based on your individual needs.

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