Your heating and air conditioning system only works as long as the ducts that distribute the air are in good shape. When breaches occur – either through age or more direct damage – they can cause considerable problems. Here in San Antonio, duct repair services can usually correct the problem promptly, but you still need to be able to recognize the trouble and call for help when it arrives.

In San Antonio, duct repair services can be performed by the experts at Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating. We have years of experience, and we’re completely dedicated to your satisfaction.

Signs That You Need Duct Repair

  • Lower airflow. The biggest issue surrounding a breached duct is the way that it can pull conditioned air out of your system. That will result in lowered airflow, forcing your heater or air conditioning unit to work harder to do the same job. If your unit doesn’t seem to blow air quite as hard as it should, there may be a breach in your ducts.
  • Reduced cooling capacity. Sometimes, the breach won’t pull air out but rather suck air in. In that case, the air will mix with the conditioned air already traveling through it, and either heat it (in the case of air conditioning) or cool it off (in the case of heating). Again, this impacts your system’s ability to do its job, costing you money in the process.
  • Strange noises. In some cases air pulled through the breach will create odd sounds as the metal vibrates or stretches in response. This is quite helpful in determining the exact spot of the breach, as well as helping you spot the problem. Sadly it doesn’t happen in every case.
  • Dirt. A breached duct may pull in dirt and debris from the outside, which will spread throughout your home and can often be seen emerging from the ducts.

The signs that you need duct repair can be quite helpful because they alert you to the nature of a problem that might otherwise persist. If you spot any of these signs call the duct cleaning experts at Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating. We will be happy to diagnose and repair any issues within your home’s duct work.

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