Some furnace services are pretty obvious. Installation is required, of course, since a heating system needs to be put in and connected. And then there’s maintenance, when a qualified technician gives a furnace a thorough cleaning and inspection to help it work better, be more efficient, stay in working condition for longer, and require fewer repairs.

And then there are repairs. Some of these make perfect sense as well: a problem with the gas line, burner or heating element, ignition system, blower fan motor, etc. These all have to do with the furnace’s operation. But sometimes, outside forces act on your furnace and can do a lot of damage, necessitating urgent repair services. In this case, we’re talking about water.

Water and Your Furnace

Some heating systems contain water. Boilers heat water and pump it through systems of radiators, baseboard registers, or under-floor piping. So of course issues with water could be a concern with that type of heating system. But your furnace doesn’t contain water. Well, as long as things are going well in your home, it certainly shouldn’t contain water.

How could water damage happen to your furnace? The first way would be a plumbing leak, if a pipe, fixture, or appliance allowed water to pour into the area around your furnace. The second way would be a roof leak, if rainwater made its way into your home. And the third would be flooding at the ground level or in your basement if you have one.

Electrical Damage

You surely already know that water is very bad for electrical equipment, causing it to short out or worse. So the greatest risk of leaking or flooding to your furnace has to do with its electrical components. Now, perhaps you have a gas furnace. But it’s important to recognize that even a gas furnace does have some electrical components which can be damaged by water.

Hazardous Repairs

Whenever there is a risk of malfunctioning electrical equipment, the repairs can be quite hazardous. We always urge homeowners to have furnace repairs done by a qualified, insured technician to avoid damage, risks, and voiding their warranties. But in this case, it is particularly critical.

You need to have this furnace service in San Antonio, TX done by someone who is specially trained to handle these situations. A properly qualified technician will be able to make the repairs while keeping themselves safe, as well as keeping you and your home and family safe.

When in Doubt, Get Help

If your home has experienced any sort of water damage, and there’s any risk that the water has come in contact with your furnace, don’t hesitate. You don’t want to wait until something goes terribly wrong. Have your furnace checked and, if necessary, repaired. Your family’s safety and your peace of mind are worth it.

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