San Antonio summers can be brutally hot, but that doesn’t mean your family or your wallet should be feeling the heat. At Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating, we ensure that your air conditioning unit is running at its peak performance. Our certified technicians offer 24/7 emergency service so you don’t have to go through the day or night without air conditioning this summer. Whether you need a repair or a brand-new unit, we take pride in our work and offer the exceptional customer service you deserve.

The current heat wave and increased air conditioning use mean higher energy bills, but there are things you can do to help cut back on your bills and help your air conditioning unit run more efficiently.

  • Close the blinds during the day to block any direct sunlight or excessive heat
  • Set your thermostat before you leave the house for long periods
  • If you’re out watering the grass, periodically wash the condenser coil on your air conditioning unit

For more information, check out this news story by News 4 San Antonio featuring Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating, or call us today to schedule service.

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