It’s common for people to worry about the quality of the outdoor air because of pollution. But not as many people consider the quality of the air inside their own homes—and unfortunately, the news there often isn’t much better. Sometimes, it’s worse.

You can combat issues with your indoor air in several ways, but the most effective is to open up windows and doors to allow for the flow of fresh air. However, you will probably immediately see the drawback of this, especially in Texas: it’s not often feasible in hot weather. The same heat sealing that traps low-quality air inside your home is responsible for keeping the often heavy heat locked outside.

However, you can improve your indoor air quality in other ways. Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating offers one of them: duct cleaning. We’ll show you how scheduling duct cleaning in Boerne, TX can improve your health.

Duct cleaning and healthier living

Any particle or debris inside your home can become drawn inside the ductwork and turn into an airborne contaminant. Dust and dirt are the most common culprits, along with lint and fibers from carpets and furniture. Hair and hair dander, which are especially troublesome for people with allergies, are another major pollutant inside ventilation. All of these will contribute to a group of ailments the U.S. EPA links to poor indoor air quality: asthma, wheezing, other breathing troubles, skin and eye irritation, congestion, coughing, difficulty sleeping, headaches, and other symptoms similar to colds and flu.

Although people who suffer from allergies will have the worst reaction to low-quality indoor air, these symptoms can appear in anyone. Of particular concern is the development of molds and bacteria inside ducts, which will cause a rapid decrease in air quality.

Duct cleaning can address all these problems: essentially, a professional cleaning job wipes away a major gathering spot in your home for airborne contamination. You can keep the inside of your house clean, but only duct cleaning can target this hidden space that you can’t otherwise reach. When your AC or heater comes on, it will blow air through clean vents and fresh air will circulate throughout your house—almost as good as opening up the windows and doors.

Call for professionals

We need to stress how important it is that you hire professionals for duct cleaning. The job requires special high-power vacuums that can put your ventilation system under negative pressure to agitate all the pollutants from the walls of the ductwork. This is the only way to clean the whole system to clean it. Although cleaning ductwork is a large job, it’s easy for you to take care of it.

Simply call Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating, and our indoor air quality professionals will handle the duct cleaning in Boerne, TX you need for healthier living.

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