One of the biggest inconveniences of owning a home is having to call a technician for repairs from time to time. But if you want to prevent problems with your HVAC system, there are a few ways to stop repair needs from occurring as often while keeping your unit running efficiently. The best way to save money on repair costs is by scheduling regular maintenance with an HVAC expert. To learn more about why this program is so valuable, read on!

The Benefits of HVAC Maintenance

With regular HVAC maintenance, the components of your heating and air conditioning system are cleaned and adjusted, while a technician also performs a full inspection to let you know what may need repairs. And when you enroll in an HVAC maintenance program, you get all of these benefits for a low cost.

  • Longer Lifespan: HVAC systems that are regularly inspected and adjusted generally have a longer lifespan than those that are not maintained. Parts that are poorly maintained will begin to wear down, which could cause your system to fail prematurely.
  • Energy Efficiency: Worn and dirty parts can also decrease efficiency. With maintenance, a technician checks filters and coils for dirt and debris and makes small adjustments that could save you a lot of money every month. Furthermore, a technician will inspect your ducts to let you know about any air leaks that may result in energy loss.
  • Fewer Repairs: Finally, systems that are regularly maintained need fewer repairs throughout their lifespan. You will also be informed of any repair needs early on, so that you can schedule service as soon as possible to keep problems from worsening.

At Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating, our preventative maintenance program includes valuable services such as duct cleaning and inspection, chemical coil cleaning, video inspection, and an air conditioning and heating tune-up every year, as well as discounts on parts and equipment. For HVAC maintenance in San Antonio, give us a call today!

When you decide to schedule HVAC maintenance in San Antonio, you should call the technicians at Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating to enroll in their preventative maintenance program.

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