With temperatures still soaring to the 90s, it seems impossible to even think about the heating season. But there’s one system that will not only benefit your heating system but also your air conditioner: the zone control system.

Learning about this system now leaves you plenty of time to schedule installation before the heating season comes, so that when it does you’re able to save money by efficiently heating your home: a huge priority for folks like us who spend the majority of the year trying to cut down our cooling costs.

How Does a Zone Control System Work?

Zone control systems use several dampers—similar to large valves—to control the flow of air throughout your ductwork. The dampers are installed throughout the air ducts, splitting them up into different zones. A thermostat is installed in each zone, which controls both the climate control systems and the dampers in that zone.

When the thermostat detects that it needs heat, it opens up the dampers and activates your HVAC system. The dampers outside that particular zone stay closed, funneling all the output from your climate control system into one place.

What Are the Benefits?

Typically, a centralized HVAC system conditions the entire home, or none of it if you have it turned off. This can lead to a lot of wasted energy in empty rooms, not to mention decreased comfort if you aren’t using it at all.

Zone control allows you much more control over which parts of the house receive heating or cooling output, and how much. This cuts down on energy waste, plus it makes your home much more comfortable. To improve your heating and cooling efficiency, you want to consider the installation of a zone control system.

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