You want to give your HVAC system a nudge in the right direction, right? We can help you do this and it’s easier than you think. When people think of “improving” their HVAC system, they’re mostly thinking about a major overhaul. You’re probably thinking of upgrading your current heater to an updated version of your current model, switching to a completely new heating system, or even repairing your home’s ductwork. Not all of this is always necessary. Sometimes, the answer can be as simple as a thermostat switch.

We’re the HVAC company in San Antonio, TX that has the answers for you. If you’re looking for a surefire way to help out your heater this winter season, then you should get in touch with our team members.

Is It Time for an Upgrade?

Let’s determine whether or not you need a thermostat upgrade. You should upgrade if you notice any of the following going on:

  • You have a digital thermostat without Smart or Wi-Fi capabilities
  • You’ve had your thermostat for the better part of a decade
  • You have trouble getting warm or cool
  • Your thermostat reading is always incorrect
  • You can’t get a consistent temperature in your home
  • You have to toy with your thermostat often to get the temperature you want

If you read and related to one or more of these bullet points, then you need to schedule an appointment with us. We’re going to make it easy for you. We’ll start by letting you know what your options are.

“What Should I Upgrade To?”
That’s the question you need to ask yourself next. If you’re ready to improve your HVAC system, a smart or Wi-Fi thermostat is a great place to start. We’re going to help you get into the details below:

Wi-Fi Thermostats

A Wi-Fi thermostat is a great choice for an upgrade if you realize you need a new thermostat, but maybe you’re not the most tech-savvy person on the block. These Wi-Fi thermostats come with apps that you can download to your phone to control your home’s internal temperature. The capabilities are intuitive and easy to use. Wi-Fi thermostats aren’t overcomplicated. You can turn your system on, or off, or even adjust the temperature from your phone, tablet, or computer. You’ll never have to waste another minute trying to get comfortable in your home.

Smart Thermostats

If you’d like a little more comfort control from your thermostat, then we’d recommend that you get a smart thermostat. Smart thermostats are great because they can catch on to how you like to heat and cool your home. The thermostat stores this information and then starts to predict how and when you like to cool your home. On top of this, a smart thermostat can suggest eco-friendly settings to you. If you want better comfort, better energy efficiency, and cost savings, then a smart thermostat is a clear choice.

We only work with top-quality brands at our company. Come to our team and we’ll assess your needs and suggest high-quality units.

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