A common problem that plagues HVAC systems is damage along the ductwork that results in leaks. Manufacturers design ductwork to maintain an air seal along their length to prevent a drop in air pressure. Provided that professional HVAC technicians installed your ducts in the first place, you should have a system that easily transfers hot or cold air from your home comfort system to the vents and into your living space.

But ductwork can develop breaks: construction errors, poor installation, corrosion, mildew—all can lead to spots in the ducts where air can escape. When this happens, you need to have duct sealing specialists come to your home and use metal tape and mastic sealant to fix the leaks, or even replace sections of the ductwork if necessary. Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating has the skills and the tools to help you with professional duct repair in San Antonio, TX that will restore your ventilation system.

Here are three problems that professional duct sealing will fix to help improve indoor air quality:
  • Low airflow: any break in the sealing of ductwork will cause air to begin to escape, and this will cause the air pressure to drop. If you consider the length of your ducts and how far the air must travel from the HVAC system to reach the vents, you’ll realize how important it is to maintain air pressure. It only takes one leak to cause the airflow coming from your vents to plunge, and that means uneven heating and cooling and reduced comfort.
  • High utility bills: As air pressure drops from breaks in your ductwork and heating/cooling power also falters, your HVAC system will have to work harder to reach its set temperature. This stress will drain extra power, and you will see a corresponding spike in your energy bills each month. (There is a positive side to this, however: a rise in your bills can warn you about duct problems.)
  • Reduced air quality: Ductwork hides behind walls and in other places you rarely access. These spots are usually dusty and filled with debris. Damage to the ducts will allow these unwanted particles to contaminate the inside of the ventilation channels, and in turn, will enter your house and circulate through the air. Worse, it can allow mold and other bacteria to begin to develop inside the ducts, which is a major threat to indoor air quality. Sealing ducts will keep them clean, and your air clean as well.

Duct sealing requires trained professionals, not duct tape. (Duct tape isn’t meant for ducts anyway.) When you think you have leaks in your ventilation—high bills, low airflow, odd smells from the vents—call on the San Antonio, TX duct repair specialists at Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating. Give us a call today and schedule your next duct repair with a trusted HVAC system service in San Antonio.

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