The ductwork that distributes your heated and cooled air throughout your home is out of sight and, often, out of mind. In the majority of spaces, the exterior of the ducts is not visible, because it’s tucked into your attic or the spaces between walls. And the interior of the ducts is definitely not visible. Do you have any idea what could be going on in there?

There are a variety of things that can be present inside your ductwork, and whatever is in there will be blown out your vents and into your home for you to breathe. Is it a good idea to have your air ducts cleaned? Once you know about these things that might be inside your ducts, you’ll definitely think so.

1: Dust and Dirt

Air is circulated through your heating or air conditioning system, through your ducts, out your vents and into your home, and back through the loop again and again. When dust settles out of the air in your living areas, it can be wiped, swept, or vacuumed up. What if you couldn’t clean that dust? Can you imagine how much would build up in the course of a year?

Now think: how long has it been since your air ducts were cleaned? Even an ordinary amount of dust adds up to quite a bit over time. If there are additional sources of dust, such as home renovation projects, nearby road or building construction, or particularly dusty weather, it will be even worse.

2: Allergens

Just as dust will settle into your ducts where you can’t clean, other microscopic particles will as well. Two types of particles best-known for causing allergic reactions are pollen and pet dander. One of the best ways to decrease allergy symptoms is to keep a clean home, but no amount of cleaning the visible areas will remove all the allergens unless you get air duct cleaning in San Antonio, TX.

3: Moisture

Condensation happens, especially in places where the temperature fluctuates a lot. Ideally, your ducts won’t accumulate too much condensation, and the ductwork will be installed in such a way that there won’t be low places where condensation can pool. If you have any reason to suspect that moisture is accumulating in your ductwork, you need it cleaned out promptly, before you end up with water damage or other problems.

4: Mold and Bacteria

Some of the other problems moisture will lead to are mold and bacteria, both of which need a steady water source to survive. If your home has a mildew smell or a sour, vinegary smell, especially when the HVAC system is on or when you are close to a vent, you’ve got mold or bacteria growing in there. This can have serious health implications and needs to be cleaned for your wellbeing as well as to make your home smell fresh again.

5: Uninvited Guests

Insects, mice, other small animals, and even snakes sometimes make their way inside ductwork. And where there are animals of any size or type, there are animal droppings. Unpleasant odors of trash can or pet store or any small sounds coming from your ductwork can indicate the presence of pests. Those droppings are contaminating the air you breathe! Your ducts must be cleaned, and the technician should also check for any damage caused by the pests.

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