So… what’s up with your heat pump?

Temperatures in your home haven’t been everything they should be so far this heating season. Your heat pump isn’t something that should start acting up as soon as you need it most. If this is something that you’re dealing with, you should contact our professionals for heat pump repair in San Antonio, TX. Relief is only a brief repair appointment away.

There are many different types of heat pump issues that you might notice this season. We know that there are many that you might not notice right away or even associate with the operation of your heat pump. That’s why we want to help. We’ll give you the info you need to help you stay as comfortable as possible this winter.

5 Common Winter Heat Pump Issues

These are some common heat pump issues that you might notice this winter:

  1. Odd Noises

    Is your heat pump making way too much noise when you run it? You never want to notice noises like this. If you do then you can reference this quick guide to understand what’s going on with your heat pump:

    • Pinging: Does your heater sound like a ping-pong match? What’s going on inside your system might be the sound of your home’s metal ductwork expanding and contracting. The expanding and contracting are normal, but the pinging sounds are not. We can help address and fix this.
    • Rattling: Rattling noises are usually attributed to the sound of loose parts moving around in your heat pump. This is never a good sign and can easily worsen if not addressed soon enough.
    • Metal on Metal: If you hear the sound of metal grinding or scraping on metal, you need to contact a professional ASAP. Something is misaligned and it’s wreaking havoc on your heating system.

    Don’t ignore any odd noise that you hear. You need to contact our professionals.

  2. Foul Odors

    Heat pumps are unique with this type of heating issue. You might notice a funky odor that’s similar to the smell of dirty socks if you run your heater often. This is a sign of trouble in your heating system that a professional can help to fix.

  3. High Heating Bills

    Do you notice that your home’s heating costs you much more than you’re used to? This makes sense when you’re using your heater more often than you once had. If nothing has changed about your heater but your heating bill is still higher, then you need to call us for heating repair.

  4. Low Comfort

    Are you struggling to get comfortable with the heating that you’re currently getting at home? The thing about your heating is that you should never have to overwork yourself for the comfort you want. Low comfort is a real issue that will unfold into bigger problems. Don’t try to ignore this or just get by–contact us to get the issue fixed ASAP.

  5. Inaccurate Thermostat

    Your thermostat readings should always be accurate. If you notice that your thermostat is off, even by just a couple of degrees, you need to contact our team for repair work.

Contact Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating for your home’s heat pump services.

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