Now that summer is officially here, we want you to take the time to sort out your home’s cooling needs. Although you may not think about it, some best practices come along with your air conditioning system. This means that there may be some things you’re doing that are decreasing the efficiency of your air conditioner.

If you’re ready to improve your air conditioning service in Bulverde, TX, then you’ve found the right blog. There’s nothing worse than making your air conditioner’s job harder, accidentally raising your energy bills, and decreasing your comfort in the process. We’re going to help you with everything you need to know below.

Mistakes You Might Make in Your Home

It’s common to get things wrong in your home. Here are a few things you might be doing this summer season that are harming your home’s energy bills.

Choosing Inappropriate Thermostat Temperatures

It’s important to choose a reasonable thermostat temperature. We know that it’s easy to get home to a hot house, run right over to the thermostat, and dial it down to a freezing temperature. While we understand the desire to do this, we want to emphasize that it’s a bad choice. It’s an inefficient practice that will cause your air conditioner to work harder without good reason.

Skipping Maintenance

You should invest in maintenance annually for each of your home’s HVAC systems. For air conditioners, we suggest reaching out to an HVAC professional in spring to tune up your air conditioning system. While this is what we suggest, it’s not the only time to take care of your air conditioner. You can still call for a maintenance appointment now.

Ignoring Issues

Don’t ignore any oddities with your air conditioning system. You might notice odd sounds, weird cycling, or other issues. No matter what you notice, it’s a good reason to schedule an appointment with a professional. Small problems can turn into bigger issues and you shouldn’t allow them to get away from you.

Blocking Vents

Make sure that all the vents in your home are clear. It’s easy to pop a painting in front of a vent or accidentally put a bookshelf in front of one. Just make sure they’re clear before you start running your AC system this season.

Creating Warmth

There are a few ways that you might accidentally create warmth in your home. One of the most common we see is through an excess of natural light. We know that there’s nothing like soaking up the extra light that summer provides, but it’s important to stay mindful of this during the height of the day. Closing your curtains and blinds can decrease the temperature of your home and the amount of work the AC needs to do to keep it cool.

We also suggest saving the baking and cooking until later. These activities will raise the internal temperature of your home and make cooling harder to achieve.

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