Modern cooling systems offer a cost-effective way to keep your home comfortable during the dog days of summer. However, just as you would not expect your car to run well without regular maintenance, your air conditioner needs regular tune-ups. Without professional attention, a cooling system will become less efficient over time and become prone to breakdowns. Learn what a HVAC technician does during a tune-up and various ways this service can save you money.

AC Tune-ups Explained

An air conditioning tune-up is essential maintenance that HVAC technicians do to keep your air conditioner running at optimal performance. Experts suggest you have your cooling system serviced at least once a year. Here are some common things a technician will do during a tune-up:

  • Clean condenser coils and change air filters
  • Check refrigerant levels and refill if needed
  • Inspect and lubricate any moving parts
  • Clean the condensate drain
  • Inspect and tighten electric connections
  • Recalibrate your AC system after a tune-up

AC Tune-up Financial Benefits

The most welcomed reason that a tune-up can help save money is by lowering your energy bills. After a tune-up, your AC system will use less energy to keep your home at your desired temperature. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, routine maintenance can improve an AC system’s efficiency by up to 15%. Your savings can be the most drastic during a hot summer when your AC is working the hardest. There are also some less obvious ways that annual maintenance can save you money.

Fewer and Cheaper Repairs

Regular AC tune-ups keep your system running smoother and help put less stress on the vital system components that keep your home cool. This smooth operation reduces the chance of an issue that requires repair. In addition, because HVC technicians can find and address minor issues during a tune-up before they lead to severe problems, maintenance also helps lower the cost of a repair when a problem arises.

Air Conditioner Lifetime

After a tune-up, the smooth operation of your AC reduces the ongoing wear and tear of critical components and moving parts in your system. This helps to protect the lifespan of your AC. Homeowners who neglect AC maintenance may face the expense of replacing their cooling system prematurely.

Home Value Preservation

Keeping your air conditioning system well-maintained can help preserve the value of your home. After a tune-up, an HVAC professional will provide you with documentation. You can use this paperwork to prove to a potential buyer that your HVAC system has been well maintained. This will relieve any concerns they have about the longevity of your home’s cooling system.

Maintain Insurance and Warranty Protection

The terms and conditions for both home insurance and HVAC warranties likely state that ongoing system maintenance is required. If you fail to keep your system maintained and then put in a claim when a problem arises, you may be in for a surprise. They can decide to deny your claim if they believe that the problem was due to maintenance neglect.

Other AC Tune-up Benefits

Air conditioner tune-ups can save you money, but that’s not the only advantage of getting your AC maintained regularly.

Improved Comfort

If your system is inefficient due to poor maintenance, it may have issues sufficiently cooling your home, even when working at its maximum capacity. If this is the case, a professional tune-up can help increase the cooling power of your AC so that your home can reach your preferred temperature.

Cleaner Indoor Air

An AC tune-up can improve indoor air quality. A professional will remove pollen, dirt, and debris that build up in your cooling system. Without this service, airborne containments will continue to recirculate in your living spaces.

AC Noise Reduction

A poorly maintained air conditioner gets louder over time. This unnecessary noise may be due to factors like lack of lubrication and loose fan belts. In these cases, a tune-up has the added benefit of reducing the overall noise level of your AC system. A noisy AC can be distracting if you work at home or just want to enjoy peace and quiet during your time off.

Safer Operation

While an air conditioner is generally safe, An AC that isn’t properly maintained can develop safety issues. Some hazards, like system overheating or electrical issues, can be unsafe for people in the home. Additionally, problems with refrigerant lines can release toxic chemicals into the air and clogs in the drainage system can lead to water damage.

Bolsters Reliability

On extremely hot days, when your system is working its hardest to keep your home cool and comfortable, one of the worst things that can happen is a complete AC breakdown. Having regular cooling system tune-ups gives you peace of mind that your system can handle the necessary workload.

Tips to Save Even More on Cooling

Regular tune-ups are an important way to save money and keep your home comfortable. However, there are other actions you can take to keep your cooling bills under control.

Upgrade the Insulation in Your Home

Insulation helps keep the temperature in your home consistent. Without good insulation, your cooling system will have to work harder to keep your home at an even temperature. The U.S. Department of Energy suggests that proper insulation can reduce energy bills by up to 20%, making it a cost-effective way to enhance your home’s overall energy efficiency and comfort.

Check your Vents

Inconsistent air circulation throughout your home causes hot and cold spots. If family members are uncomfortable in their rooms or wherever else they are hanging out, this may prompt them to crank the AC up. Check to ensure that your return and supply vents are in the fully open position. Vents should also have at least 10-12 inches of clearance from furniture. In addition, ensure that items like area rugs and drapes are not blocking the vents.

Strategic Fan Usage

Just like removing any airflow obstructions, you can increase airflow by strategically using fans in your home. Using fans with your AC allows cool air to circulate more easily, increasing your AC efficiency. You can use both ceiling fans and portable fans to increase airflow. Additionally, a whole-house fan can pull cool air from outside and circulate it into your home. This is perfect for cool nights when you want to give the AC a break.

Consider Zoned Cooling

Upgrading your system so you can control the temperature in different zones of your home can help maximize efficiency. By cooling only occupied zones, you lower the required energy consumption to cool the area and put less stress on your system. Zone cooling has the added benefit of letting people adjust the temperature to their preferences for their specific zone.

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